Melissa McBride

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Gender: Female

Birth Place: Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Melissa McBride is a former casting director and American actress that was born on May 23, 1965 in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Melissa started her acting career in television in 1993. She played Darlene Kellogg/Waitress in TV series Matlock (Episode: "Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream"). She then went on to acting in a number of television movies and series. Her first directing gig was in the 2000s in Atlanta, Georgia where she worked as a film and commercial casting director. Director Frank Darabont gave her a significant role in The Mist (2007) and later picked her for AMC's The Walking Dead (2010). Melissa is best-known today for her role as Carol Peletier in the AMC television drama series, The Walking Dead. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980s and began her professional acting career in Atlanta, Georgia in 1991. Some of her acting was seen in commercials including Rooms To Go and Ford for a few of years.

Melissa did not audition for her role in The Walking Dead and so she thought it was a temporary job. She played the role of Carol Peletier, who is a middle-aged widow that was a caring mother to her daughter Sophia. She evolved from a weak, insecure female to a strong minded, independent female that does not need anyone to stand up for her. I love the character she became. She is an amazing actor that the audience throughout the world fell in love with. Melissa was supposed to be dead in the episode "Killer Within", but things happened and she went on to being in more episodes. She became famous for her role in AMC's The Walking Dead series that she appeared in the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Melissa McBride was nominated for the following awards:

2013 - Shorty Awards Best of Social Media
2014 - Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: The Walking Dead
2014 - Gold Derby TV Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for The Walking Dead

Melissa has won two awards for the following:

2012 - Satellite Awards for Best Cast in The Walking Dead
2014 - Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television in The Walking Dead
2014 - EWwy Awards for Best Supporting Actress in the The Walking Dead

Melissa was a casting director for the following five movies:

2006 - The Last Adam
2007 - The Promise
2009 - Golden Minutes
2009 - This Side Up
2010 - The Party
2010 - Broken Moment

Melissa has acted in the following 14 movies so far:

1995 - Mutant Species - played the part of Tiffany's mom
1995 - Her Deadly Rival - played the part of Ellie
1996 - A Season in Purgatory - played the part of Mary Pat Bradley
1997 - Close to Danger - played the part of Natalie
1997 - Any Place But Home - played the part of Brett
1999 - Pirates of Silicon Valley - played the part of Elizabeth Holmes
2002 - The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys - played the part of Mrs. Doyle
2006 - Nailed! - played the part of Olga/Waitress/Agent
2007 - The Promise - played the part of Stacey Johnson
2007 - The Mist - played the part of the woman with kids at home
2007 - Lost Crossing - played the part of Sheila
2008 - Delgo - played the part of Miss Sutley/Elder Pearo
2008 - Living Proof - played the part of Sally
2014 - The Reconstruction of William Zero - played the part of Dr. Ashley Bronson

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