Kat Graham

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Gender: Female

Birth Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Kat Graham is a Swiss-born American actress, model, singer and dancer born on September 5, 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. Her birth name is Katerina Alexandre Hartford Graham. She was born to Americo-Liberian father, Joseph, and Jewish mother, Natasha whose family is from Russia and Poland. Joseph is the godfather of two of Quincy Jones' children and was a music executive. Kat grew up in Los Angeles, California after her family moved there. Kat’s parents divorced when she was five years old and she lived mostly with her mother who raised her with the Jewish religion. She also attended Hebrew school. Her half-brother, Yakov was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Kat speaks various languages including English, some Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Her paternal grandfather served over 40 years in Sweden, Kenya, the Netherlands and Romania as a UN Ambassador. She is 5' 2¼" (1.58 m) and has several nicknames including Kat, KG and Kitty Kat. Kat was dating Cottrell Guidry from 2008 to October 28, 2012 which is when they got engaged. Kat and Cottrell ended their engagement on December 12, 2014. She has a tattoo on her inner left wrist in Latin saying "nosce te ipsum", which means "Know thyself".

Kat is famous for her role as Bonnie Bennett on The CW television series The Vampire Diaries. Kat was six years old when she began her career in the entertainment industry. She went on to appearing in commercials including Pop Tarts, Barbie, K-Mart, and Edison. Choreographer Fatima Robinson asked Kat when she was 15 years old to perform as a background dancer for lil' Bow Wow at the BET Awards. She went on to being a background dancer for Jamie Foxx, Missy Elliot, Michael Rooney, Hi-Hat and Pharrell. She then worked for Coca-Cola at the age of 17 to advertise Fanta soft drink. Her three favorite charities are The Peapod Organization, The ONE Campaign, and Global Angels.

Kat started working for the Disney Channel television series Lizzie McGuire in 2002 and appeared in three episodes television series Hannah Montana in 2008. She began working for CW supernatural drama television series The Vampire Diaries in March 2009. She played the role of teenage witch Bonnie Bennett. Kat continued to act in movies while keeping her role in The Vampire Diaries. She starred in Universal Pictures dance drama film Honey 2 in August 2010 where she was acknowledged for her dancing. She also starred in Dance Fu in 2010 which is another dance film.

Kat wrote the song titled "Derailed" in 2002 which was featured in Jean-Claude Van Damme film “Derailed”. She began pursuing her music career in 2006 as a musical artist. Kat was featured in 2007 on Grammy Award Winner singer/rapper will.i.am's third studio album Songs About Girls on "The Donque Song" and "I Got It From My Mama". She then went on a world tour with The Black Eyed Peas. She received over 1 million views on YouTube for her song "My Boyfriends Back" in April 2009. Her single “Sassy” in October 2010 did poorly and did not make the chart. She continued her music career with help from Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul.

Kat Graham later released more single title songs including:

2010 - "I Want It All", "Sassy" and "Cold Hearted Snake"
2012 - "Put Your Graffiti On Me" and "Wanna Say" was in album Against the Wall
2013 - "Power"

Kat Graham has won 2 awards for:

2011 - Teen Choice Awards for Scene Stealer Female in the The Vampire Diaries
2014 - Black Women in Film Association for a Creative Award for her Contributions in the industry

Kat was nominated for:

2010 - Teen Choice Awards for Scene Stealer Female in the The Vampire Diaries
2011 - Youth Rock Awards for Rockin' Actress (TV) in the The Vampire Diaries
2012 - Teen Choice Awards for Actress Fantasy/Sci-Fi in the The Vampire Diaries
2013 - Teen Choice Awards for Actress Fantasy/Sci-Fi in the The Vampire Diaries
2014 - Teen Choice Awards for The Vampire Diaries

Some of the music videos Kat has appears in are :

Akon's "Lonely", Nelly's "Just A Dream", B2K's "Why I Love You", Christina Millian's "Dip It Low", Musiq Soulchild's "B.U.D.D.Y.", Diddy – Dirty Money with Usher "Looking for Love", John Legend's "Used to Love U" Justin Bieber and Usher's "Somebody to Love (Remix)" and 112's "What If"

Kat said some of the artists that influenced her into becoming a singer are Destiny's Child, Tupac Shakur, Shakira, The Beatles, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Mariah Carey and Britney Spears.

Kat went on four tours:

2004 - 2006: The Fantanas
2007: The Black Eyed Peas Black Blue & You Tour
2010: The Vampire Diaries Tour – Q&A With The Cast
2012: 2012 National Promo Tour

Actor Kat Graham Movies / Films:

How It Ends (2018) The Roommate (2011)
The Vampire Diaries (2009)