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Gender: Male

Birth Place: Waco, Texas, USA

Matt Lasky is an American actor that was born on March 30, 1982 in Waco, Texas, USA and later raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He got into a lot of trouble growing up in Oklahoma during his early years. He was involved in numerous arrests, a high-speed chase that resulted in a trial for his friend being shot during the chase, a lot of fights and one stint in state prison. He finally left that bad boy lifestyle behind him and pursued being an actor and filmmaker. His older sister is an actress and got him his very first real role on stage at the age of 17 in Shakespeare's, "As you Like It". He was 6' 5½" (1.97 m) sleeping on an inflatable bed in the living room of a Koreatown apartment for a few years. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and Matt received a degree in theater. He worked with autistic children when he was younger so that he could pay his bills, but he still volunteers today to work with autistic kids. He has also worked as a high rise window washer and has climbed buildings.

He is known for starring/appearing in a lot of films including Princess of Mars (2009), John Carter (2012), television shows, and video games. His fans recognize him as a bad guys with a beard and also as a creature performer. The high-speed chase that Matt was involved in occurred 365 days after Matt was released from prison. He and his friend were involved in a road rage assault where a man was brandishing a gun. They tried to escape by driving over 100 mph, but his friend was shot in the head and died.

- He is a former Member of Mensa and Prometheus Society
- He had run Tough Mudder while dressed as Abe Lincoln
- He once rowed a boat from Monterey, CA to Oahu, HI in a 58 day period in the summer of 2014.

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