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Over 62 Monsters, Creatures and Evil Beasts

Our database currently features many monsters, creatures and beasts found in myth, legend, folklore, Greek Mythology and rumors. Mythical creatures have been around since the dawn of mankind. These myth, folklore and legends were then passed through the generations. For centuries these monsters were both feared and loved. No one could actually capture or find fossils of the creatures but people today still speculate that they exist.

Do Living Monsters Exist?

Monsters like Bigfoot are searched for everyday with endless witnesses claiming that they have seen the creature. Demons, vampires and werewolves join the modern day underground teen fan base. TV Shows like The Walking Dead have revived the zombie genre in the new generation.

Greek Myths and Legends

Some of the creatures listed here are from Greek mythlogy and legends. To name a few, we have Chimera, Centaur, Cerberus, Cyclops, Gorgon, Hydra, Medusa, Minotaur, Pegasus and Satyr. Anyone who has watched the famous Hercules should know some of these beasts.


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A legendary giant lizard who was said to be able to kill a man with a gaze.


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The Sasquatch native to North America forests.

Black Dog

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The evil spirit dog that stalks city streets at night. Some say that if you see the black dog three times, you will surely die.

Black Orcs

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Black Orcs are the bigger, stronger and smarter version of the regular Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins. Often seen leading smaller Orc tribes.

Bray Road Beast

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A werewolf-like beast creature spotted multiple times in Wisconsin.


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Creatures who ran wild and untamed in the wild. Said to be half-man and half-horse.


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The three headed dog that keeps intruders out of Hades (Hell) and the damned souls in.


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The embodiment of a mutation, said to be part-lion, part-goat and part-snake.


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A flying part-rooster, part-snake monster that was said to kill with its stare.


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A one-eyed giant who captured people and then ate them.


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Said to be an ancient split of the evolutionary scale in which these men had the head of dogs.


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Malevolent evil spirits of Hell who’s main purpose is to wreak havoc on mankind.

Dire Wolf

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Dire Wolves are a larger breed of wolves. These wolves are more vicious and intelligent then normal wolves. Often dark grey and black colored fur are reported. Some believe that a Dire Wolf is a giant wolf that has been brought back from death to hunt. Pack hunters and sometimes seen leading smaller packs of wolves.


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Creatures who are similar in every respect to the original human that it looks like but often try to eliminate the original and take over that persons life.


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Giant, often flying, often fire-breathing lizards who were said to guard huge hoards of treasure.


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Greek mythology says that she was the mother of all Greek monsters and appeared as a snake-woman.


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Pointy-eared humanoid beings who are often associated with great magic and archery skill. Tall and slender and featured in classic tales like The Lord of the Rings.


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Spirits of the dead that have not passed on and remain in the world  of the living.


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Often solid stone carvings who were created in the likeness of a human and then imbued with magic to come to life with the soul purpose of carrying out what ever the creator commanded.


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Medusa is the most famous snake-haired and snake-bodied humanoid with a stare said to turn any creature to stone instantly.


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Mythical creature with the body of a lion, the tail of a snake with the head and wings of an eagle.

Grim Reaper

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Death itself personified who is said to visit you when the time of death has come so he may carry you to the afterlife.


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Hellhounds are huge dogs with rusty red fur along with glowing red eyes. Some say they can even breathe fire. These expert hunters are highly aggressive and will hunt in packs just like wolves.


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Howlers are dog-like creatures who run on all four legs. They have no fur but their skin is very tough. They have long claws and have long spikes sticking out from its back. Associated with evil and dwellers of dark places. They haunt in packs just like wolves and are very smart predators. They charge in together to stun the victim then back away only to charge back again thus wearing down the victim.


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Made famous by Greek myths where a giant serpent with nine heads. If one head was cut off, two would grow in its place. The only weakness was to fire.


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Small ugly mischievous creatures who play pranks on people.

Ladon (Python Snake)

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The golden apples in the Garden of the Hesperides were guarded by this snake.


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A Lamia is a cross between a lion and a human. These evil creatures are lion from the torso down and usually an attractive human from the torso up. These beasts are horrid cruel monsters that take pleasure in pain and suffering. They have the ability to drain the knowledge from those that they attack.


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Leprechauns are said to live in farmhouses and cellars. Often associated with Irish folklore but found in many other countries. These sprites may help humans with luck and fortune in exchange for supplies and furniture. Often said to be merry little people dressed in old fashioned green clothing with buckled shoes and often like to wear red caps. Some say they even make shoes for other elves. Some say that they never make a pair of shoes, they only make one. Popular belief is that Leprechauns possess a great treasure and if a human were to capture them, that human will receive the treasure.

Loch Ness Monster

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Nicknamed “Nessie”, Scotlands elusive sea-monster said to live in Loch Ness, hence the name.


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Mythical beasts that are said to possess the body of a lion and the head of a human.


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One of the three Greek Gorgon monsters with snake-hair and a snake-body with a gaze that could turn any creature to stone. Medusa was once a disciple of Athena but was turned into this Gorgon monster.


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These sea creatures are a perfect split between the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower half is all fish.


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The guardian of to the exit of The Labyrinth who has the head and legs of a bull and the torso of a man.


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West Virgina local spook who has is said to make an appearance before great disasters and may either show itself as a warning or may very well be the cause. Mothman flies with massive wings and looks like a man but has huge red glowing eyes.


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Creatures who are the by-product of genetic or environmental mutations and are mostly associated with gruesome looking monsters.

Nemean Lion

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The giant lion with an indestructible hide that later becomes the constellation Leo.

New Jersey Devil

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A native of the New Jersey Pine Barrens with a horse-like head who flies and a high-pitch scream.


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A huge humanoid creature that is dumb as nails but possesses incredible strength.


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The two-headed dog monster.


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Bellerophon’s winged horse and became the general name for all winged horses.


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Signifying rebirth and renewal, this golden bird bursts into flames upon death to be reborn and rise again from the ashes.


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Pixies or Piskies are small people who live on the dons and moors of Cornwall and Devon in the South of England. Myths say that Pixies were originally druids who resisted Christianity and became Pixies growing smaller. Other myths tell us Pixies were a race of people who were not good enough to go to heaven nor were they bad enough to go to Hell; therefore they were doomed to walk the earth forever. Pixies are known to steal horses and make nocturnal trips on them over the moors. Pixies like to trick humans such as throwing objects around the house. Pixies are said to be hardworking and will work in the fields the entire night for some food.


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Large, hairy ape-man hybrid beasts that live in the woods.


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The god Pan was one such creatures who are said to be half-man from the waist up and half goat from the waist down. These creatures are often wild and lustful.


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This monster lived on the opposite side of the Strait of Messina from Charybdis and would devour anyone in it path.

Sea Monsters

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The general term used for the many water based monsters of the sea.


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The constellation of Capricorn who once was Pricus. His children are such creatures of myth and legend who are half-goat and half-fish.


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A name used for ghosts of those who died before they enter the gates of Hades and become trapped by Cerberus.


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General term for humans who possess the ability to alter their shape into any animal while still remembering who they are.


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Sailors spoke of folklore in which beautiful women would sing mesmerizing songs that captivated the sailors. The sailors would then leap off the boats to their doom.


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The half-human, half-lion that would challenge anyone who crosses it’s path to answer a riddle. If the answer was wrong, the passerby would be eaten by the Sphinx.


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The giant bird in Native American belief that is said to create storms with its wings.


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Titans originated from Greek Mythology and were huge human creatures with estimates of about twenty five feet in height.


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The father of most Greek monsters and the fire-breathing giant who challenged Zeus for control of Mount Olympus.


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The mythical and magical horse with a single glowing horn on its head. Thought to be the most benevolent creature of the forest and terrified of humans especially.


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Creatures who must drink blood or the life force of humans or other living creatures in order to survive. Vampires of the past were gruesome and horrific things that plagued mankind. Modern day culture has made vampires seem like timid misunderstood creatures with a great burden.


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The spirit of the forest who turn lost travelers into wild savage beasts who are faster, stronger and unlike anything of their former selves. These cannibals will eat any living thing they find and capture.


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Sometimes referred to as shapeshifters because they are human by day but by night, they transform themselves into wolves. The size of the wolf creature has been speculated as the size of a regular dog to the huge beast in folklore that stands on two legs and is huge in size and mass. Ready and willing to tear anyone to shreds.


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The strange flame-like lights in the forest that seem to lure travelers off their path.


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Evil spirits of the dead who are trapped on Earth.


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The living dead who feed on human flesh. Variations have slow moving to fast paced zombies. These zombies seem to have some weird variation of rabies. Other forms have a mixture of herbs etc that are sprayed into the face of the victim. The victim would die soon after to rise again as a living dead zombie who would obey the masters commands.