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Baal (also spelled Bael, Ba"al, Baalim, Baals) is one of the seven princes of Hell. Baal is mentioned often in the Old Testament Bible as a pagan idol and associated with the evil goddess Ashtaroth. Baal is a Christian demon who was the first principal king of Hell. Some say that Baal is a Duke of Hell with 66 lesser demon legions under his control.

The meaning of Baal is "lord", "master" or "king" and in reference to "false god".

Other aliases for Baal include sun god, Beelzebub, god of fertility, "Lord of Destruction" and the "Lord of Flies".

Baal was once compared to Satan / Lucifer making this demon a Prime Evil. Others regard Baal as Satan"s main assistant.

Many people worship Baal by sacrificing humans during rituals. Francis Barret (famous English occultist) declared Baal to have the power to make whoever invokes/summons Baal invisible. Many demonologists believe Baal is at his strongest in October. Other sources report that Baal can grant wisdom to his devotees. Baal is said to speak hoarsely and carries ashes in his pocket.

Older depictions of Baal show him as a horned man or bull. The grimoire tells Baal to appear in forms of a man, cat, toad and strangely enough sometimes a combination of these shapes.

Baal was featured in the Blizzard"s Diablo franchise as one of the Prime Evils and is referred to as the "Lord of Destruction". Baal"s brothers are Diablo and Mephisto.

Below is the illustration of Baal from the Dictionnaire Infernal book by Collin de Plancy in 1818. This picture of Baal shows all three forms (man, cat, and toad) on top of a set of spider legs.

The Baal fallen angel is a male fallen angel.

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