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Ornias (meaning "pesky") is the first demon mentioned in the Testament of Solomon. This demon was bothering the head workman"s son as they were constructing the Temple of Jerusalem. Every day at sunset, the demon would take half of the boy"s pay and drain his energy. Solomon became curious as to why the boy was growing thinner, and upon learning of demon"s tasks, he began to pray to God that he would grant him authority over the demon. God heard Solomons’ prayers and sent the archangel Michael to deliver a ring to Solomon with the seal of God. This ring would be able to imprison demons and force them to help construct the great Temple of Jerusalem. Solomon gave the ring to the boy and instructed him to throw the ring into the demon"s chest and command him to go to Solomon when the demon appeared that day. The boy followed the commands of Solomon and Solomon questioned the demon Ornias.

""Tell me, in which sign of the zodiac do you reside?" The demon replied, "In Aquarius; I strangle those who reside in Aquarius because of their passion for women whose zodiacal sign is Virgo. Moreover, while in a trance I undergo three transformations. Sometimes I am a man who craves the bodies of effeminate boys and when I touch them, they suffer great pain. Sometimes I become a creature with wings (flying) up to the heavenly regions. Finally, I assume the appearance of a lion. In addition, I am descended from an archangel of the power of God, but I am thwarted by Ouriel, the archangel."" - TSol 2:2-4

Solomon then sealed Ornias with his ring and ordered him to cut stone for the Temple. The demon admitted to being afraid to touch iron. Solomon prayed to the archangel Ouriel to help deal with this demon and the angel commanded Ornias to cut the stones. Solomon commanded Ornias to bring him Beelzeboul, the Prince of Demons. Ornias threw the ring at Beelzeboul, after wincing in pain, and then returned with Ornias to Solomon thus trapping the Prince of Demons, Beelzeboul.

An annoying fallen angel who can shape-shift.

The Ornias fallen angel is a male fallen angel.

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