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(Christian folklore) Succubus (Temptress of the Night) is a popular female demon whose soul purpose is to engage in sexual relations with men. These attacks/encounters happen while the male is sleeping. When the victim wakes up, drained of energy and usually has a painful erection. The Succubus is the female demon counterpart of the male demon Incubus. Succubus/Incubus are both sexual demons who feed off of the same type of energy and are not to be confused with ghosts.

Succubus appear to be extremely beautiful females and are the opposite counterparts to the male incubus demon, but sure flaws may include bird-like claws and serpentine tails as an obvious sign. Men are drawn to the woman, and men cannot resist the succubus/succubi temptation. Often, victims experience a dream where the demon sleeping with them in a "sexual sleep" state. The incubus/succubus demons drain the life of their victims during the nights they visit. Repeated attacks/encounters or many times with the Succubus will result in the deterioration of health and eventually the death of the victim.

Succubus Mythology

The first known case of the Succubus Mythology recorded is from the 14th century. In Latin, Succubus means "to lie under." Originally, Succubi was frightening and demonic in appearance becoming scary encounters. Modern encounters say the succubus demon is very attractive and enchanting.

Some believe Succubi, Lilith"s servants, in some myths resemble a dragon in their skins appearance in their true forms. These demon women may take their orders from the Lilith Goddess making them far worse than any real ghost.

In De Nugis Curialium from Walter Mapes (Trifles of Courtiers) recorded that there is good Succubus/Succubi just like there are good humans. Mapes recorded that Pope Sylvester II (999-1003) had relations with a Succubus named Meridiana, who helped him increase to move up in the ranks of the church. Pope Sylvester II repented for this sin before his death.

In Arabian Mythology, there is a spirit similar to the Succubus named Qarinah. These spirits may date back further to ancient Egyptian mythology or pre-Islamic Arabia. People with the "second sight" have the ability to see these spirits in the form of a cat, dog or other household pet. In Omdurman, this spirit will possess a person, and they can not marry, or the Qarinah will harm them.

In India, the Seductress "Mohini" (not to be confused with the mythological Mohini who slayed Bhasma Asura) is a succubus-like creature. This demonic creature takes the form of a lady dressed in a white Saree/dress with her long hair untied. Mohini haunts lonely paths or roads. Mohini (plural) died in torment by the hands of a male and seek revenge against all men.

Succubus Lilith

Lilith, the first wife of Adam, refused to lay beneath him. She left the Garden of Eden and eventually mated with the Archangel Samael. This union created a new race of demons making Succubus Lilith the mother of demons. In the Kabbalah, Lilith can not make offspring. In other Lilith legends, "Lilin" are the children of Lilith.

Female Demon Names

Originally there were four demon queens named Lilith, Mahalath, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Naamah.

Succubus Stories

The internet has over one million results for Succubus stories. The victim can not move because of sleep paralysis. The encounter usually does not last too long, and there are reports that the victim feels an ice chill while the encounter/attack occurs.

The Succubus demon is a female demon.

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