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(Slovic/Christian) The demon Ala is found in Pre-Slovic and Slovic mythology, and Christian demonology. Ala demons referred to by the plural name Ale may also do acts of good if convinced to do so.

Evil Acts

Evils acts of the Ala demons include creating bad weather in the form of thunderstorms and hail over farms, orchards, and vineyards to destroy crops. Worse acts include eating children. Greater stories of the Ala hunger include the ability to eat the sun and/or moon creating an explanation at that time for a solar eclipse. Ala may also possess people and cause great harm to a victim"s mental and physical health.

Good Acts

It is believed that if you approach an Ala or Ale with trust and respect, they will bless you with riches and protection.

Protection from Ale

The Ale are terrified of eagles, so having one nearby will deter or remove their presence.

Ale appear as:

  • Ravens

  • Clouds

  • Dark winds

  • Snakes

  • Female dragons

Ale are found in:

  • Lakes

  • Springs

  • Clouds

  • Unreachable mountains

  • Forests

  • Caves

  • Gigantic trees

Also known as Ale (plural).

The Ala demon is a male demon.

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