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(Sumerian/Mesopotamian) The Lamashtu demon origins date back to as far back as Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology. One of the most terrifying and evil demons in our list, the Lamashtu stalks and menaces pregnant women during and after their pregnancies. As peculiar as it sounds, this demon would kidnap newborns while they are breastfeeding. She would then suck the blood and chew their bones.

Signs of the Lamashtu

  • Infesting rivers/lakes

  • Killing crops and other plants

  • Sucking the blood of men

  • Creating sleep-disturbances

  • Spreading diseases and illnesses

  • Horrid nightmares

Lamashtu is the fierce rival of the demon Pazuzu (demon of famine and droughts) made famous by The Exorcist (1973). They would fight each other any chance they got. Some women would employ the services of Pazuzu to protect them. Trading one evil for the other.


  • head of a lioness

  • teeth and ears of a donkey

  • feet of a bird with sharp talons

  • hairy body

  • long sharp fingers and fingernails

  • holding snakes

  • nursing a pig and dog

  • standing or kneeling on a donkey

Also known as Dimme.

The Lamashtu demon is a female demon.

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