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(Mesopotamian) Pazuzu is the ancient evil from Mesopotamian mythology made popular and famous by The Exorcist (1973) film. Pazuzu is responsible for famine and droughts during the dry seasons and locusts during rainy seasons. The king of the demons of wind, and brother to Humbaba and son of the god Hanbi.

Pazuzu is known to chase away all other evil spirits and is invoked through apotropaic amulets for protection even though he too is evil.

Pazuzu is the fierce rival of the demon Lamashtu, also known as Dimme, fighting each and every time they get.


  • the body of a man

  • the head of a lion or dog

  • talons of an eagle

  • two pairs of wings

  • a scorpion"s tail

  • Right-hand up and left hand down

Also known as Fazuzu or Pazuza.

The Pazuzu demon is a male demon.

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