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(Christian demonology) Surgat means to "Rise" and is a lesser demon (even though a lesser demon, still considered very dangerous) was mentioned in The Grimoire of Pope Honorius. Pope Honorius made his preparations for the oncoming battle against evil very important is his life"s work. Pope Honorius would summon demons and banish right after summoning them making a log of each demon abilities and weaknesses.

Surgat was the last demon to be summoned by Pope Honorius with the demon hunter describing the demon Surgat in an unusually short manner, "Surgat who opens all locks." Many believe Surgat may have gotten free from whatever locks/constraints the Pope may have put on him and killed him shortly after.

Surgat is mentioned in The Grimoire of Pope Honorius, The Secrets of Solomon, and the Grimorium Verum.

His angel opposite is Aquiel.

The Surgat demon is a male demon.

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