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Demon Aym is a grand duke of hell who commands 26 legions of hell and is his strongest in the middle of July. The demon Aym is also known as Aim, Aini and Harborym. This demon  loves to participate in the manipulation of humans. Aym will make the person who summons him smarter than most people and will reveal the secrets of others. He uses secrets to make people do his bidding.

Aym"s human form is that of a handsome and charming figure. In his demon form, he has three heads. One head is that of a serpent head, the middle being that of a human head with two pentagrams marked in the middle, the last head is that of a calf head. Aym wields a poisonous viper in one hand and a flaming sword in the other hand. This sword holds the power to devastate entire cities or strongholds.

The Aym demon is a male demon.

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