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55 demon names for B including Balam, Balan, Balberith, Bali, Balvala, Bana, Bannik, Banshee, Baobhan-Sith, Baphomet.

Page : 1/3 Throughout this demon section, you will find various "demons" from all religions in which some may be deemed gods or mythical beings but will be classified as demonology. Here is a demon list with demon pictures that is sorted by demon names. We try to include as many pictures of demons as possible, so if your have verified pictures of a demon, please contact us with the image of the demon along with the demons name.

Huge listing of demonic names, images and bios of demons on this page are of Balam, Balan, Balberith, Bali, Balvala, Bana, Bannik, Banshee, Baobhan-Sith, Baphomet.

  • Balam

    Fallen angel who looks like Asmoday with a serpent tail.

  • BalanBalan

    Terrible demon that commands 40 legions while riding naked on a bear. He can be asked about the past, the present and the future.

  • Balberith

    Fallen angel who is a grand pontiff (pagan high priest) in hell.

  • BaliBali

    (Hindu) Demon and king of the apes that always likes to play tricks.

  • BalvalaBalvala

    (India) A gigantic demon of the Daityas. Demon of bad weather and storm that fills the air with dust and a stench.

  • Bana

    (Hindu) Demon that is a friend of Shiva but also an enemy of Wishnu.

  • BannikBannik

    Demonical baths-ghosts which show the future to farmers' daughters who are ready to marry.

  • BansheeBanshee

    (gaelic Bean-Si) Irish bringer of death that produces loud sounds and screams of mourning to signify the death of a person.

  • Baobhan-SithBaobhan-Sith

    Scottish Vampire that appears as a pretty young girl dressed in green to attack young men and suck their blood.

  • BaphometBaphomet

    Baphomet was the demon that the temple-knights worshipped under islamic-occult influence. He is the embodyment of the dark side of the "great male prinicipal".

  • Bar ZangiBar-Zangi

    Demon of the desert from the mythology of the Kho-tribe in the Hindu region. He waylays hunters in order to kill them. When you cut off his head, it will…

  • Baraqijal

    A fallen angel who teaches astrology to humans.

  • BarbadosBarbados

    Duke of the underworld in the form of a hunter that is able to predict the future from the sounds that animals make.

  • Barbatos

    Fallen angel who is an earl and duke of hell. Barbatos rules over thirty legions of demons and companions with four kings to command his legions. He can…

  • Baron SamediBaron-Samedi

    Dark God of Death of the Neo-African Voodoo-cult. Appears in a topper and and all black.

  • BasiliskBasilisk

    (Greek) Demonic animal whose breath, look, and bite kill instantly.

  • BathinBathin

    Demonic duke that has a snakes' tail and knows all about herbs and gemstones. Also commands 30 legions. Appears as a pale horse riding fallen angel.

  • BeelzebubBeelzebub

    (Christian) Beelzebub is the highest devil. He is insideous and mean. In jewish texts he is referred to as Lord of the Flies or of the feciespile. Fallen…

  • BefanaBefana

    (Italian) Demon of the winter that roams around on cold winter nights punishes children who have been bad.

  • BehemothBehemoth

    A monster created by Jahwe that will be killed together with its sister Liwjatan in the last battle and served as food to the fair ones. A fallen angel…

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Demonic names include Balam, Balan, Balberith, Bali, Balvala, Bana, Bannik, Banshee, Baobhan-Sith, Baphomet with images of demons and other demon pictures.

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