Demonology: Demon Names: D

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List of Demons

Here are the names that mean evil in various cultures and religions including evil sounding names.

Some may think these are cool demon names or are evil names for guys or girls. However, these are names that mean demon and devil; do not say their names out loud because these are demons of high rank and power This is a reference for your protection and safety.

List of Demons and What They Do

  1. Daevas

    (Persian) The demons of addictive drunkenness, sexuality and envy. The cause of plagues, death and hunger. The hate religion and tempt the rightous.

  2. Daityas

    (Hindu) they dwell in the underworld and disturb sacred sacrifices.

  3. Danag

    (Philippines) Vampires that changed into vampires by drinking one drop of blood.

  4. Danglathas

    (Hunza) Female demons that hunt humans and kill them, Sparks come from their eyes, and they have great tusks.

  5. Dantalion

    Infernal duke that appears as a man with many faces and can read minds. Commands 36 legions.

  6. Dantanian

    Dantanian is a fallen angel who appears as a man with many faces.

  7. Dearg-Due

    (Irish) Demon name, Dearg-Due, meaning red blood-sucker. The female demon that once risen from her grave seduces men and dooms them.

  8. Deber

    Demon of pestilence mostly awake at night to attack and infect people.

  9. Decarabia

    Demon that appears as a pentagram and has control over all birds. Sometimes also appears as a star in a pentacle. Commands 30 legions.

  10. Dengelmaennle

    Alpine-meadow and Mountain ghost whose sounds announce a human's passing.

  11. Deumos

    Demon who is the deity of the locals of Calicut, Malabar. This demon has four horns and is a human soul devourer.

  12. Deumus

    Demonical deity of the inhabitants of Calicut in Malabar. He has four horns and devours the souls of humans.

  13. Diablos

    (Greek) Roams the earth to tempt christian people. Also, the antagonist of the Archangel Michael (sometimes the same as Satan).

  14. Dialen

    Dialen is female demons that have goat feet from Graubuenden. They like humans and help them with their work or present gifts to them.

  15. Dibbuk

    (Jewish) Evil spirits that cause mental illnesses, rage and other changes in personality.

  16. Dimme

    (Sumerian) The female demon of the fever after childbirth and the sicknesses of babies.

  17. Diwo

    (Hindu) Desease spreading demon that takes the shape of a dog. It can breath fire and will pounce on people in order to bring its…

  18. Djinn

    Djinn demons originate in the Arabian mythology. Djinns live in the desert and are the embodiment of evil. They appear as miscellaneous animals and humanoids.…

  19. Dogai

    Female ugly spirits from the Melanesian-Papuan Ian Torres-Indians. They kidnap boys and young men to live with them.

  20. Dowadiru

    (Hindu) Giant demon of the dessert that is always sourrounded by fire and has a horn on his forehead, seeks to frighten people.

  21. Drak

    (German) Little imp from central Germany, that appears in the form of a firy dragon and usually lives in houses. If you treat the drak…

  22. Dre

    (Tibet) the bringers of death and stand for everything harming.

  23. Drude

    A female demon that causes fearful dreams with the feelings of suffocation.

  24. Druj

    (Iran) Female Archdemon of lies that cause a lot of evil with unclean men and calls wrong things right.

  25. Duppy

    (West Indian) Causes through touch the worst deceases.

  26. Dybbuk

    The Dybbuk is a very malicious spirit from Jewish folklore that can become so evil that it leaves many thinking is this a demon or…