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List of Demons

Here are the names that mean evil in various cultures and religions including evil sounding names.

Some may think these are cool demon names or are evil names for guys or girls. However, these are names that mean demon and devil; do not say their names out loud because these are demons of high rank and power This is a reference for your protection and safety.

List of Demons and What They Do


(Christian demonology) See Valafar and Valefor.


(Christian demonology) See Valafar and Valefor.


Fallen Angel who appears as a crow.

Malphas (view more )

Malphas is a Great President and a Prince to some authors, having forty legions of demons under his command. Malphas is depicted as a crow…

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Mammon is a term from the Christian Bible used to describe material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity.


Fallen angel who appears as a lion.


This fallen angel has a highly unique appearance, she takes the appearance of a she-wolf with griffin wings.

Mastema (view more )

Mastema "hostility" is the name of an arch-demon and chief of the demons engendered by the fallen Watcher/Angels with women, perhaps one of those same…

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Melchom (view more )

This name is possibly derived from Milcom, the god of the Ammonites, so there may be a connection to Moloch. Melchom is the paymaster of civil…

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Mephistopheles (view more )

Mephistopheles (also Mephistophilus, Mephistophilis, Mephostopheles, Mephisto and variants) is a demon featured in German folklore. He originally appeared in literature as the demon in the…

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Merihim is the demon prince of pestilence.

Moloch (view more )

Moloch, whose name probably derived from Melech "king" and Bosheth, "shame", was one of the deities worshipped by the idolatrous Israelites. He was referred to…

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A fallen angel who takes the form of a bull.


Demon lieutenant of the demon Leonard.


Great Duke, comes with trumpets sounding and rules 30 legions.

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