Steven R. Monroe

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Gender: Male

Birth Place: New York, USA

Steven R. Monroe is an American film director, camera/electrical person, producer, actor and writer that was born on September 15,1964 in New York, USA. He is said to be a child of the movie industry because almost his entire family is/was a part of the entertainment industry. He started at the age of 8 years old making movies with his Super 8 camera. He received his first paycheck in the film industry when he was only 12 years old. He was an assistant cameraman and operator on films and television for over ten years in the camera department being a freelancer He was 20 years old when he began his freelancing career. He was 30 years old when he became a director for the first time. He went on to directing music videos, commercials, documentary and then feature films and Television movies.

Monroe is recognized for his style, extensive knowledge of the camera and doing a lot of things with a little amount given. He is one director that knows how to get his weakest of actors to give a firm/good and realistic performance. He is also known for making outstanding films regardless of the genre and budget amount. He currently has over 28 Camera and Electrical Department credits, 20 director credits, four producer credits, three writer credits and one actor credit.

He married his wife Melanie Monroe on October 13, 2001, and they have two children. They live in Los Angeles, California with their two sons.

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