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Gender: Male

Birth Place: Portland, Oregon, USA

David DeCoteau (David Gerardo DeCoteau) is an American and Canadian film director and producer. He was born on January 5, 1962 in Portland, Oregon, USA. He has produced and directed more than 115 motion pictures since 1985. David started working at the age of 18 in the movie industry professionally. Roger Corman is a movie legend that hired David as a production assistant at New World Pictures in the 1980s. Charles Band gave David the opportunity to direct and produce his first feature film in 1986. He has a dual citizenship of Canada and the USA and lives in both British Columbia, Canada and Los Angeles, California.

David is the founder of Rapid Heart Pictures. David’s motto is “I always wanted to make what I could sell. So I just promised myself that I would not be set in my ways. If somebody said, ‘Look, we need a horror film, we need a creature feature, we need a Western, we need a period costume drama,’ I was able to put it together pretty quickly.”

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2001 - “I directed my first film at 24 years old. I was quite young and naive, but it was something of a hit and that allowed me to make many more films”

“I directed more movies for [Full Moon founder Charles Band] than any other director, almost 30 movies, and I got Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991) by default, since I was in Romania and available to shoot. I was very excited about that, and it worked out very, very well. We had a video output deal with Paramount, which meant we had more money to spend, prior to DVD. You could spend $750,000 to a million on these films, but what we were concerned about was having exceptional FX since that was really popular”

Regarding the 1980s - “You could make anything and it sold. This was the free spirit of "B" movies back then. You took risks that the majors couldn't because the budgets were low and there was this new market called home video. You literally couldn't make enough movies to fill the demand. This led to a fun and playful attitude on the set. This was my adopted family and I had a blast getting paid to make crazy movies”

“I make movies for myself. I've got to like what I do and I've got to do it as well as I can. If other people like what I like, then, great. If you try and make a cult film, it won't be a cult film. If you try to make a critically acclaimed film, it won't be a critically acclaimed film. Just make the film that you like to make, and make it as well as you can.”

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