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Gender: Male

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Robert Lee Zemeckis was born on May 14, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Robert Zemeckis married actress Mary Ellen Trainor on July 26, 1980 and divorced her in 2000. Mary and Robert have a son, Alexander Francis. Robert married Leslie Zemeckis on December 4, 2001 in Italy and they have two children together, Zane and Rhys. His nickname is Bob and he currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife Leslie and their two children. His father is from Lithuanian descent. His mother is from Italian descent and he loves Italy so much that he married Leslie in Italy and they have a vacation home in Tuscany, Italy.

He is 6' (1.83 m) and a Lithuanian-American film director, producer, actor and screenwriter. Robert is the screenwriter for all of the Back to the Future movie franchise and TV series. He is also the writer for all of the Back to the Future Part video games. He is a private pilot that has about 1,600 hours of flight time as of October 2012. His plane, Cirrus SR20 has a parachute that lowers the plane safely in the event there is an emergency.

- Robert has directed three actors (Tom Hanks, Gary Sinise and Denzel Washington) who was nominated for Oscars for their performance.
- He keeps a letter of rejection from all the studios that rejected Back to the Future (1985) because they think it was not good for a teen movie.
- Robert owns ImageMovers and co-owns Dark Castle Entertainment with Joel Silver.
- He graduated from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Art.

Roberts first wife Mary Ellen Trainor was an actor in four of his films:

1984 - played Joan Wilder's kidnapped sister, Elaine in Romancing the Stone
1989 - played Officer Reese in Back to the Future Part II
1992 - played Vivian Adams in Death Becomes Her
1994 - played Jenny's Babysitter in Forrest Gump
1975 - Robert and Bob Gale sold their first television script, Kolchak: The Night Stalker: Chopper in Hollywood
1994 - won an Academy Award for Best Director for Forrest Gump
2006 - Jeremy Kagan from Scarecrow Press interviewed him in "Directors Close Up: Interviews with Directors Nominated for Best Film by the Directors Guild of America"
2007 - ranked #18 for The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood on EW’S


“No matter how many obstacles that are thrown in our path, there are ways to accept them and to live through them. Understand life's mysteries , - as mysteries to be lived”

“From where I sit I see the digital cinema creating sloppiness on the part of filmmakers because they know if they really get in trouble they can fix it later. So they don't pay that much attention, and of course it costs a lot of money”

“I was raised a Catholic on the South Side of Chicago, and I felt I had to undo a lot of serious damage. But as I was getting older, I began coming off my absolutely young, arrogant, agnostic beliefs. I was thinking more about coming to terms with human spirituality”

“I guess you can say, I have been remaking my student films forever”

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