List of Fallen Angels and Dark Angels

Fallen Angel Lucifer

Fallen angels are names meaning dark angel or those angels who have fallen from Gods' good grace. The following list of fallen angels is taken from the many different religions, mythologies, and folklore (lore). These dark angel names are often referred to as the angels who fell from grace; fell from heaven and lost Gods grace. These former angels can never return to heaven and are looked at as outcasts by the angels of heaven.

Many fallen angel names find their origins in religious lore and from ancient cultures such as Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt. Modern practiced religions include Jewish, Christian, and Muslim beliefs. Here we try to list the fallen angel names and meanings along with the fallen angel names and rank.

Angel names have evolved over the centuries in spelling, meaning, and use within religions, mysticism practice or magic. The name of an angel is used to invoke angels. Rituals are used to invoke an angel by names being called to either invoke good angels or invoke fallen angels. Allowing the caster to specifically call the individual angel for the needs of that caster.

Good angels often have the suffix (-el) or yah which means "of God." Often, this suffix is the easiest way to determine which angels are good and which angels have fallen from Gods' graces. Even though fallen angels are no longer "of God," they still hold great power.

This list of fallen angels below includes the fallen angel names and meanings with whatever picture we can find to reference them.

List of Fallen Angel Names and Meanings

  • AbaddonAbaddon

    (Hebrew) Destroyer, Advisor. Said to be chief of demons. Sometimes regarded as the destroying angel. Abaddon, meaning "a place of destruction", "The Destroyer", "The depths…

  • Abezethibou

    Abezethibou is a one-winged fallen angel of the Red Sea.

  • Allocen

    One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Also a duke in hell.

  • Amducias

    Grand Duke of Hades. According to Wierius a demon of music. Fallen angel who appears as a unicorn.

  • AmonAmon

    (Egyption) Sun God. Much like Lucifer except controls reproduction and life. Fallen angel who is below the rank of duke of hell and above the…

  • Amy

    One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Said to be supreme president of hell. He will trade knowledge for the human soul.

  • AndrasAndras

    (Unk) god of quarrels. Grand marquis (below duke and above earl/count) of hell. Appears with a raven head.

  • AndrealphusAndrealphus

    One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. An infernal Marquis (between duke and earl/count) of hell in the form of a peacock that teaches people…

  • AndromaliusAndromalius

    One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Count of Hell in the form of a man, that punishes thieves and brings back stolen goods. He…

  • Apollyon

    Fallen angel of death and the same as Abaddon.

  • Armaros

    Fallen angel who can teach the "resolving of enchantments".

  • Asmoday

    Asmoday is the fallen angel king said to appear with three heads: a bull, a ram, and a man.

  • AsmodeusAsmodeus

    (Persian) One of seven archangels of the Persians. Adopted later into Hebrew mythology as Asmodeus. Has been recorded in history for at least three thousand…

  • Astaroth

    Astaroth is the mighty Great Duke of Hell. Astaroth is part of the evil trinity and is of the first hierarchy with demon Beelzebub and…

  • Azael

    Azael is an evil fallen angel who lay with human women.

  • AzazelAzazel

    (Hebrew) Azazel, god/demon of war. This demon is also a demon of the desert. He also appears in the form of a billy-goat and is…

  • Azza

    Fallen angel whose name means "the strong".

  • BaalBaal

    Baal (also spelled Bael, Ba'al, Baalim, Baals) is one of the seven princes of Hell. Baal is mentioned often in the Old Testament Bible as…

  • Balam

    Fallen angel who looks like Asmoday with a serpent tail.

  • Balberith

    Fallen angel who is a grand pontiff (pagan high priest) in hell.

  • Baraqijal

    A fallen angel who teaches astrology to humans.

  • Barbatos

    Fallen angel who is an earl and duke of hell. Barbatos rules over thirty legions of demons and companions with four kings to command his…

  • BathinBathin

    Demonic duke that has a snakes' tail and knows all about herbs and gemstones. Also commands 30 legions. Appears as a pale horse riding fallen…

  • BeelzebubBeelzebub

    (Christian) Beelzebub or Beelzebul is the highest devil and is a major demon in Hell. Beelzebub is a name derived from a Philistine God of…

  • BehemothBehemoth

    A monster created by Jahwe that will be killed together with its sister Liwjatan in the last battle and served as food to the fair…

  • Beleth

    A fallen angel who is a king of hell and commands over 85 legions of demons.

  • BelialBelial

    Evil spirit of darkness, uselessness and desperation. He is the personification of the force against God. Said to be a deceptively beautiful fallen angel whose…

  • BelphegorBelphegor

    (Christian/Hebrew/Kabbalistic) In demonology texts, Belphegor (or Beelphegor, Hebrew) is a not only a demon but one of the seven princes of Hell. Belphegor helps people…

  • BerithBerith

    Demon and fallen angel of lies and grand duke of hell. Betters the voice of singers and commands 26 legion of demons.

  • Bernael

    Fallen angel of darkness and evil.

  • Bifrons

    A fallen angel that appears to man as a monstrous figure and teaches mathematical arts.

  • BotisBotis

    A count of hell that looks like a viper snake. He can reconcile friends and enemies and rules over 0 legions. A fallen angel who…

  • BuerBuer

    Fallen angel, Chairman of the underworld. He is in form of a star and teaches philosophy, logic and ethics; he is in command of 50…

  • BuneBune

    Infernal duke in the form of a dragon with three heads and can grant people wealth. He is in command of 30 legions.

  • Caim

    A fallen angel who often appears as a thrush or man with a sword.

  • Dantanian

    Dantanian is a fallen angel who appears as a man with many faces.

  • DecarabiaDecarabia

    Demon that appears as a pentagram and has control over all birds. Sometimes also appears as a star in a pentacle. Commands 30 legions.

  • Eligor

    Fallen angel who appears as a good knight with a lance.

  • Enepsigos

    Fallen angel who appears in the shape of a woman.

  • Flauros

    Fallen angel demon who appears as a leopard.

  • Focalor

    Focalor has power over the winds and the sea and causes ships to sink and death by drowning. He will not hurt anyone or thing,…

  • Forcas

    Fallen angel who teaches logic and ethics.

  • Forneus

    Fallen angel with the rank of marquis (between duke and earl/count) of hell who appears as a sea monster.

  • Furcas

    Fallen angel who appears as a cruel man with a long beard.

  • FurfurFurfur

    Furfur aka Furtur is a powerful Great Earl of Hell ruling over twenty-nine legions of demons. He is a liar unless complelled to enter a…

  • GaapGaap

    Gaap is the mighty Prince and Great President of Hell in command of sixty-six legions of demons. According to the Lesser Key of Solomon, the…

  • Gadreel

    Fallen angel whose name means "God is my helper".

  • Gamygyn

    Fallen angel who appears as a small horse.

  • Glasyalabolas

    Fallen angel who appears as a winged dog.

  • Gomory

    Fallen angel who appears as a beautiful woman riding a camel.

  • Gusion

    Fallen angel who can tell the past, present and future.

  • Hagenti

    Fallen angel who appears as a bull with griffin wings.

  • Halpas

    Fallen angel who appears as a stork.

  • Imamiah

    Fallen angel who governs voyages.

  • IposIpos

    Demon count of hell who commands 36 legions; looks like a lion-headed angel. Ipos (Ipes) appears as an angel or lion with the head and feet…

  • Kimaris

    (Africa) Kimaris is also known as Cimeies, Cimejes, and Cimeries. Kimaris is the 66th demon of the 72 spirits of Solomon in the first part…

  • Kokabiel

    Fallen angel whose name means "star of God".

  • Kunopegos

    Fallen angel who looks like a sea horse and sinks ships.

  • Lahash

    Lahash is a fallen angel who enjoys to interfere with divine will.

  • Lerajie

    Fallen angel who appears as an archer in green.

  • LeviathanLeviathan

    The Apocryphal Book of Enoch gives the following description of this monster's origins: 'And that day will two monsters be parted, one monster, a female…

  • Lix Tetrax

    Fallen angel of the wind.

  • LuciferLucifer

    "Lucifer" generally refers to the Devil/Satan, although the name is not applied to him in the New Testament. Post-New Testament Lucifer is often used as…

  • Malpas

    Fallen Angel who appears as a crow.

  • Marbas

    Fallen angel who appears as a lion.

  • Marchosias

    This fallen angel has a highly unique appearance, she takes the appearance of a she-wolf with griffin wings.

  • MastemaMastema

    Mastema "hostility" is the name of an arch-demon and chief of the demons engendered by the fallen Watcher/Angels with women, perhaps one of those same…

  • MephistophelesMephistopheles

    Mephistopheles (also Mephistophilus, Mephistophilis, Mephostopheles, Mephisto and variants) is a demon featured in German folklore. He originally appeared in literature as the demon in the…

  • Morax

    A fallen angel who takes the form of a bull.

  • Naamah

    A fallen angel of prostitution whose name means "pleasing".

  • Naberius

    Dictionnaire Infernal - Collin de Plancy (1863) Cerbere/ Cerberus/ Naberus is a strong and powerful demon commanding 29 legions. One of the marquis of hell. Cerberus…

  • Obyzouth

    A fallen angel similar in function to Lilith because she kills new born babies. This female she-demon can also cause still births.

  • Onoskelis

    A female fallen angel who dwells in caves and perverts men.

  • Orias

    Appears as a lion with a serpent tail and is a fallen angel.

  • OrniasOrnias

    Ornias (meaning "pesky") is the first demon mentioned in the Testament of Solomon. This demon was bothering the head workman's son as they were constructing…

  • Orobas

    Fallen angel who appears to man as a horse.

  • Ose

    Fallen angel who comes to man in the appearance of a leopard and is a president in hell.

  • Paimon

    Appearing as a crowned man riding a camel and is a fallen angel.

  • Penemuel

    Fallen angel who seeks to corrupt mankind through his writings.

  • Pharzuph

    Fallen angel who invokes fornication and lust.

  • Phoenix

    Appears as a phoenix bird and is a fallen angel.

  • Procel

    A fallen angel who can tell of hidden and secret things.

  • Purah

    A fallen angel of forgetfulness and attributed with the conjuring of the dead.

  • Purson

    Strangely enough, this fallen angel appears as a lion-headed man on a bear.

  • Qemuel

    A fallen angel who was actually destroyed by God. No other fallen angel was ever destroyed by God before or since.

  • Rahab

    Rahab means "violence" and is the fallen angel of pride.

  • RaumRaum

    A Count of Hell who commands thirty legions of demons. Also, a fallen angel who appears as a crow.

  • Ronobe

    A monster who is a fallen angel and can teach rhetoric & art.

  • Ruax

    Fallen angel attributed to headaches.

  • Sabnack

    A fallen angel who is seen as a soldier with a lion's head.

  • Saleos

    A fallen angel who appears as a soldier riding a crocodile.

  • SamaelSamael

    Samael (Hebrew) (also Sammael, perhaps "Venom of God") is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is accuser, seducer and destroyer,…

  • SatanSatan

    Fallen angel in Christianity whose name means "adversary". Also see Lucifer.

  • Seere

    Appears as a man on a winged horse and is a fallen angel.

  • Semyaza

    A leader of fallen angels and one of the "Sons of God".

  • ShaxShax

    Shax is a Great Marquis (and a Duke to some authors) of Hell with thirty legions of demons under his command. Shax is depicted as…

  • Solas

    (Christian demonology) Solas is a fallen angel who appears as a raven and teaches astronomy. See also Stolas.

  • Sorath

    A fallen angel associated with the "666" numbers.

  • Sytry

    Another fallen angel that appears with unique characteristics. This entity appears as a man with griffin wings and leopard head.

  • Uzza

    Uzza means "strength" and is a fallen angel.

  • ValacValac

    (Christian demonology) Valac is a fallen angel also known as Ualac or Valak who appears as a small boy with wings riding on a two-headed…

  • Valefor

    Valefor is also known as Valefar, Malaphar, Malephar, and Valafar. A Duke of Hell in the form of a lion with the head of a…

  • VapulaVapula

    (Christian demonology) Duke of hell in the form of a lion that teaches people different crafts, sciences and philosophy. He is in command of 36…

  • VassagoVassago

    (Christian demonology) A prince of Darkness and fallen angel. He tells of the past and the future. He is in command of 26 legions. Can…

  • VeparVepar

    (Christian demonology) Demonic duke and fallen angel that can call storms and makes people die of gangrene. He appears in shape of a mermaid and…

  • VineVine

    (Christian demonology) Demonic king and fallen angel in the form of a lion sitting on a black horse. He causes storms and makes walls break…

  • Vual

    A fallen angel who appears as a huge camel.

  • Wormwood

    A fallen angel who brings terrible plagues upon the Earth.

  • XaphanXaphan

    Demon of lower class. Xaphan suggested to set heaven on fire, was banished to hell and is now responsible for the glowing of coal. Some…

  • ZaganZagan

    (Christian demonology) King of hell and fallen angel in the form of a bull with wings that can turn water into wine and make a…

  • ZeparZepar

    (Christian demonology) Infernal duke and fallen angel that appears in the form of a soldier that either brings people together in love or makes them…

Fallen Angel Names Total: 111