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Female Demon and Devil Names


(Jewish) Abyzou is the female demon thought to be responsible for miscarriages, stillbirths, and infant mortality in Jewish mythology. It is believed that this demon…


(Egyptian) a female demon mixed being between crocodile, lion, and hippo. It eats the souls that weren't allowed to go to the other world (heaven).


The bringer of sorrow, a demonic female Giant of the Edda, that conceived with Loki the Midgard-snake, Hel and Fenris, the wolf.


Dark female force in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. Works of passion and death. The name should be vibrated.

Ardat Lili

(Semitic/Sumerian) A female spirit/demon who weds human beings and wreaks havoc in the dwellings of men. Ardat Lili is a succubus, female demon of the…


Aswang, is a female vampire from the Philippinian Islands that appears at daytime as a woman and at night as a flying monster that sucks…


A female demon from Ethiopia. She is the personification of the Evil Stare.


(Philippine) Batibat is a female demon associated with trees and causes death during sleep.


(Arabian) Demon of love (female) from the group of Dschinns, whose services you may ask by just writing down their names with numbers or letters.

Charmo Vetr

(Hindukush) A female demon of the Kam tribe that preys on travelers in misty valleys. Sacrifices of animals soothed her.


(India) A female demon in the shape of a cat for the Dravidian tribes. She visits the sick and consumes their food and causes death…


(Hunza) Female demons that hunt humans and kill them, Sparks come from their eyes, and they have great tusks.


(Irish) Demon name, Dearg-Due, meaning red blood-sucker. The female demon that once risen from her grave seduces men and dooms them.


Dialen is female demons that have goat feet from Graubuenden. They like humans and help them with their work or present gifts to them.


(Sumerian) The female demon of the fever after childbirth and the sicknesses of babies.


Female ugly spirits from the Melanesian-Papuan Ian Torres-Indians. They kidnap boys and young men to live with them.


A female demon that causes fearful dreams with the feelings of suffocation.


(Iran) Female Archdemon of lies that cause a lot of evil with unclean men and calls wrong things right.


(Greek) Empusa is a female demon who is a shapeshifter. Empusa appears to travelers with one leg of a donkey while the other is made…


(Greek) Gorgon, demon creatures that are the female personification of wisdom and mystery, protection, the creation of life, taker of life (death). The three Gorgons…

Hantu Kopek

Hantu Kopek is the female nightmare demon.


Flauros aka Havres, Haures Haures discerns past, present and future. She destroys and burns enemies of the mage and kills men by fire and protects…


The Jahi demon is the "poisoner." She is a female devil that woke Angra Mainyu from his sleep. As a reward, she received a kiss…


Jigarkhvar is a female demon of the Indian mythology. She makes people faint though her look and takes out their liver and eats it.


(Sumerian/Mesopotamian) The Lamashtu demon origins date back to as far back as Sumerian and Mesopotamian mythology. One of the most terrifying and evil demons in…


(Greek) The demon Lamia is also referred to as a vampire. This demon appears as a half-woman half-serpent; a sea monster; or a night demon…


The Apocryphal Book of Enoch gives the following description of this monster's origins: 'And that day will two monsters be parted, one monster, a female…


The Lilim demons are the female demon offspring of Lilith. Also known as Lilin.


Appealing to both magicians and feminists past and present, Lilith, or Lilitu ("wind-spirit" in Assyrian-Babylonian mythology) was a ravenous sexual entrepreneur. In legend, Lilith was…


Lilitu is the female counterpart of the male demon Lilu. Lilu (Male) formed the demon-triad with Lilitu (Female), and Ardat Lili (Handmaid). See also, Lilith.


A fallen angel similar in function to Lilith because she kills new born babies. This female she-demon can also cause still births.


A female fallen angel who dwells in caves and perverts men.

Palden Lhamo

(Tibetan) Palden Lhamo is a guardian goddess and protector of Tibet.


(Christian folklore) Succubus (Temptress of the Night) is a popular female demon whose soul purpose is to engage in sexual relations with men. These attacks/encounters…


(Etruscan mythology / Petruska) Vanth, is a female demon of the underworld and the dead. She is the bringer of death and helps the dying.


Werzelya is a female demon from Ethiopia that killed her daughter and drank her blood.


Ugly female demons (women of the Yush) that feast on humans.


Anthropophagous female demon (Hindukush) that attacks wanderers and devours half of them.


Female Japanese demon of snow and ice. Yukki-Onna makes sleeping people freeze to death when she touches them with her icy breath.

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