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Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers

In society, women are touted as doting mother figures with compassionate natures - the gentle fairer sex. So what drives women capable of giving life to succumb to their inner monster and kill innocent men, women and children? What type of murders do they commit and what are their methods of choice?

Below you will find the worse female serial killers in history. These femme fatales killed people for either self-defense or horrific alternate motives. Each of these killers histories is detailed below.

Famous Female Serial Killers

Female Serial Killers - Their Victims and Killing Methods
Female serial killers are rare and their victims tend to be spouses, children and the elderly. The murders they commit tend to be low profile, with poison being their preferred choice for killing. Other methods used by female serial killers include shootings, stabbing, suffocation, clubbing and drowning.

Female Serial Killers - Why they Kill
Material gain is what drives female serial killers to commit multiple murders. However, attention-seeking behavior, cult participation, sex, a need to overpower and personality disorders are also leading causes of turning women into mass murderesses. Each killer has her own desires, triggers and proclivities; and often times the specific reasons are known only to the killer herself.

Types of Female Serial Killers
Female serial killers are classified into the following nine categories: black widow, angel of death, sexual predator, revenge, profit or crime, team killer, question of sanity, unexplained and unsolved. Seen in the role of a medical nurse, home aide, caretaker or doctor, the angel of death often kills the sick, invalid or vulnerable in order to control and dominate. A greedy black widow will take out her entire family including her husband, children and other family members to obtain money. The revenge-seeking female serial killer has deep-rooted anger for those who have thwarted her in her gains, causing her to commit mass murders. The sexual predator obtains sex and then kills her victims, often due to sexual abuse in the past. Partners in crime often consist of a male-female serial killer partnership. Intelligent and resourceful, profit or crime killers will kill their way to get whatever they desire. Questions of sanity include delusions, paranoia, schizophrenia and other mental disorders that may be responsible for a killing spree. Unexplained characterizes those female serial killers who kill randomly and without motive, baffling law enforcement. Unresolved crimes are those believed to be the work of a woman, but with no clear evidence behind the reasons.

Since a female serial killer's reason for committing crimes are much different than their male counterparts, police and law enforcement agencies often have a difficult time putting them behind the bars.