List of Haunted Places in the US

547 Haunted Places in America

Looking for the most haunted places in America? Here is the huge list of haunted hotels, houses, parks, buildings, towns, and more. This list can be used to experience a night in a haunted hotel or for those of you on a ghost hunt. You can view by State from hundreds of haunted locations across the United States. Putting together this list, I discovered there are over 500+ haunted sites in the US. We are adding to this list constantly and hope to increase this list to contain all the real haunted places available.

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America has so many haunted locations and scary places to visit, below you can see if there are scary places near you! I bet there are a few!

Locations include castles, prisons, the most haunted hotels, towns, insane asylums, buildings, and ships! This is more than just the top 10 most haunted places in America, these are all of America's haunted places.

For those of you looking for a list of the 10 most haunted places in America:

  1. St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, Florida
  2. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia
  3. Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisianna
  4. Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arizona
  5. Whaley House, San Diego, California
  6. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky
  8. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
  9. Villisca Ax Murder House, Iowa
  10. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

547 Haunted Places in America List

(8) Haunted Places in Alabama

  1. Bear Creek Swamp (Haunted Forests) Prattville, Alabama
  2. Boyington Oak (Haunted Forests) Mobile, Alabama
  3. Fort Morgan (Haunted Prisons) Baldwin County, Alabama
  4. King Criswell Plantation (Haunted Houses) Monroe County, Alabama
  5. Old Cahaba (Old Cahawba) (Haunted Ghost Towns) Orrville, Alabama
  6. Sloss Furnaces (Haunted Buildings) Birmingham, Alabama
  7. Sweetwater Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Florence, Alabama
  8. USS Alabama BB-60 (Haunted Ships) Mobile, Alabama

(10) Haunted Places in Alaska

  1. Badarka Road (Haunted Roads) Chugiak, Alaska
  2. Begich Towers (Haunted Houses) Whittier, Alaska
  3. Fairbanks Memorial Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Fairbanks, Alaska
  4. Igloo City Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Cantwell, Alaska
  5. Motherlode Lodge (Haunted Houses) Palmer, Alaska
  6. Nightmute High School (Haunted Schools) Nightmute, Alaska
  7. Old Jesse Lee Home For Children (Haunted Houses) Seward, Alaska
  8. Red Onion Saloon (Haunted Houses) Skagway, Alaska
  9. The Alaskan Hotel (Haunted Houses) Juneau, Alaska
  10. Wendy Williamson Auditorium at the University of Alaska (Haunted Schools) Anchorage, Alaska

(10) Haunted Places in Arizona

  1. Copper Queen Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Bisbee, Arizona
  2. Crook Tunnel (Haunted Tunnels) Benson, Arizona
  3. Hotel Monte Vista (Haunted Houses) Flagstaff, Arizona
  4. Jerome Grand Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Jerome, Arizona
  5. Palace Restaurant & Saloon (Haunted Houses) Prescott, Arizona
  6. Sammie Dean (Haunted Ghost Towns) Jerome, Arizona
  7. The Birdcage Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Tombstone, Arizona
  8. The Hermosa Inn (Haunted Inns) Scottsdale, Arizona
  9. Vulture Mine (Haunted Mines) Wickenburg, Arizona
  10. Yuma Territorial Prison (Haunted Prisons) Yuma, Arizona

(7) Haunted Places in Arkansas

  1. Basin Park Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  2. Crescent Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Eureka Springs, Arkansas
  3. Jacksonville High School (Haunted Schools) Jacksonville, Arkansas
  4. Peel Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Bentonville, Arkansas
  5. The Allen House (Haunted Houses) Monticello, Arkansas
  6. The Arlington Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas
  7. The Clayton House (Haunted Houses) Fort Smith, Arkansas

(15) Haunted Places in California

  1. Alcatraz (Haunted Prisons) San Francisco, California
  2. Bodie Ghost Town (Haunted Ghost Towns) Bodie, California
  3. Cary House Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Placerville, California
  4. East 8 Mile Road (Haunted Roads) Stockton, California
  5. Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide House (Haunted Houses) Rancho Santa Fe, California
  6. Los Coches Adobe (Haunted Houses) Soledad, California
  7. Los Feliz Murder Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Los Angeles, California
  8. Queen Anne Hotel (Haunted Hotels) San Francisco, California
  9. Queen Mary (Haunted Hotels) Long Beach, California
  10. RMS Queen Mary (Haunted Ships) Long Beach, California
  11. Roosevelt Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Los Angeles, California
  12. The Glen Tavern Inn (Haunted Inns) Santa Paula, California
  13. The Pierpont Inn (Haunted Inns) Ventura, California
  14. The Whaley House Museum (Haunted Houses) San Diego, California
  15. Winchester Mystery House (Haunted Houses) San Jose, California

(1) Haunted Places in Chicago

  1. Lincoln Park Zoo (Haunted Zoos)

(6) Haunted Places in Colorado

  1. Bannack Ghost Town (Haunted Ghost Towns) Bannack, Colorado
  2. Central City Masonic Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Denver, Colorado
  3. Hotel Jerome (Haunted Hotels) Aspen, Colorado
  4. Molly Brown House (Haunted Houses) Denver, Colorado
  5. The City Of Cripple Creek (Haunted Ghost Towns) Cripple Creek, Colorado
  6. The Stanley Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Estes Park, Colorado

(7) Haunted Places in Connecticut

  1. Curtis House Inn (Haunted Inns) Woodbury, Connecticut
  2. Dudleytown (Haunted Ghost Towns) Cornwall, Connecticut
  3. Fairfield Hills State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Fairfield Hills State Hospital, Connecticut
  4. Homespun Farm Bed & Breakfast (Haunted Houses) Griswold, Connecticut
  5. Norwich State Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Preston, Connecticut
  6. Remington Arms (Haunted Buildings) Bridgeport, Connecticut
  7. Union Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Easton, Connecticut

(8) Haunted Places in Delaware

  1. Bellevue Hall (Haunted Buildings) Wilmington, Delaware
  2. Cape Henlopen State Park (Haunted Parks) Lewes, Delaware
  3. Cat Man's Grave (Haunted Cemetery) Frankford, Delaware
  4. Christiana Fire Company Station 12 (Haunted Buildings) Christiana, Delaware
  5. Fort Delaware (Haunted Prisons) Delaware City, Delaware
  6. John Dickinson House (Haunted Houses) Dover, Delaware
  7. Old Maggie's Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Seaford, Delaware
  8. The Addy Sea (Haunted Houses) Bethany, Delaware

(1) Haunted Places in Detroit

  1. Masonic Temple (Haunted Church)

(9) Haunted Places in Florida

  1. Apollo 1 Launch Complex 34 (Haunted Buildings) Cape Canaveral, Florida
  2. Casa Monica Hotel (Haunted Hotels) St. Augustine, Florida
  3. Colony Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Palm Beach, Florida
  4. Coral Gables Biltmore Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Coral Gables, Florida
  5. St. Augustine Lighthouse (Haunted Houses) St. Augustine, Florida
  6. The Biltmore Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Coral Gables, Florida
  7. The Cuban Club (Haunted Buildings) Ybor City, Florida
  8. The Riddle House (Haunted Houses) West Palm Beach, Florida
  9. Vinoy Renaissance (Haunted Hotels) St. Petersburg, Florida

(11) Haunted Places in Georgia

  1. 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant (Haunted Inns) Savannah, Georgia
  2. Berry College (Haunted Schools) Mount Berry, Georgia
  3. Hamilton-Turner Inn (Haunted Inns) Savannah, Georgia
  4. Jekyll Island Club Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Jekyll Island, Georgia
  5. Kehoe House (Haunted Houses) Savannah, Georgia
  6. Moon River Brewing Company (Haunted Houses) Savannah, Georgia
  7. Oakland Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Atlanta, Georgia
  8. Old Candler Hospital Morgue Tunnel (Haunted Tunnels) Savannah, Georgia
  9. The Marshall House (Haunted Hotels) Savannah, Georgia
  10. The Masquerade Nightclub (Haunted Buildings) Atlanta, Georgia
  11. The Pirates' House (Haunted Houses) Savannah, Georgia

(10) Haunted Places in Hawaii

  1. Hickam Air Force Base (Haunted Buildings) Oahu, Hawaii
  2. Highway 1 (Haunted Highways) Oahu, Hawaii
  3. Hilton Hawaiian Village (Haunted Ghost Towns) Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Honolulu Airport (Haunted Buildings) Oahu, Hawaii
  5. Lao Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Wailuku, Hawaii
  6. Nu'uanu Pali Highway (Haunted Highways) Oahu, Hawaii
  7. Oahu Community Correctional Facility (Haunted Prisons) Oahu, Hawaii
  8. Pearl Harbor (Haunted Buildings) Oahu, Hawaii
  9. Wahiawa Botanical Garden (Haunted Parks) Oahu, Hawaii
  10. Waipio Valley (Haunted Parks) Honokaa, Hawaii

(5) Haunted Places in Idaho

  1. Canyon Hill Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Caldwell, Idaho
  2. Old Idaho State Penitentiary (Haunted Prisons) Boise, Idaho
  3. Owyhee Plaza (Haunted Buildings) Boise, Idaho
  4. Shoshone Indian Ice Caves (Haunted Caves) Shoshone, Idaho
  5. The Brig At Farragut State Park (Haunted Parks) Farragut, Idaho

(6) Haunted Places in Illinois

  1. Acid Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Collinsville, Illinois
  2. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Chicago, Illinois
  3. Congress Plaza Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Chicago, Illinois
  4. Hotel Baker (Haunted Hotels) St Charles, Illinois
  5. Robinson Woods (Haunted Forests) Chicago, Illinois
  6. Showmen's Rest (Haunted Cemetery) Chicago, Illinois

(7) Haunted Places in Indiana

  1. 100 Step Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Brazil, Indiana
  2. Haunted Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Avon, Indiana
  3. Historic Hannah House (Haunted Houses) Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. The Nicholson House (Haunted Houses) Indianapolis, Indiana
  5. The Story Inn (Haunted Inns) Nashville, Indiana
  6. University Of Notre Dame Du Lac (Haunted Schools) South Bend, Indiana
  7. Willard Library (Haunted Buildings) Evansville, Indiana

(9) Haunted Places in Iowa

  1. Blackhawk Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Davenport, Iowa
  2. Cresco Theatre & Opera House (Haunted Theaters) Cresco, Iowa
  3. Independence State Mental Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Independence, Iowa
  4. Iowa State University (Haunted Schools) Ames, Iowa
  5. Oakland Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Iowa City, Iowa
  6. Rainbow Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Lake City, Iowa
  7. Stony Hollow Road (Haunted Roads) Burlington, Iowa
  8. Tara Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Fort Dodge, Iowa
  9. Villisca Ax Murder House (Haunted Houses) Villisca, Iowa

(7) Haunted Places in Kansas

  1. Beaumont Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Beaumont, Kansas
  2. Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
  3. Hutchinson Library (Haunted Buildings) Hutchinson, Kansas
  4. Molly's Hollow (Haunted Parks) Atchison, Kansas
  5. Old Abilene Town (Haunted Ghost Towns) Abilene, Kansas
  6. Stull Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Douglas County, Kansas
  7. The Sallie House (Haunted Houses) Atchison, Kansas

(12) Haunted Places in Kentucky

  1. Bobby Mackey's Music World (Haunted Buildings) Wilder, Kentucky
  2. Perryville Battlefield (Haunted Parks) Perryville, Kentucky
  3. Pope Lick Monster (Haunted Forests) Fisherville, Kentucky
  4. Sauerkraut Cave (Haunted )
  5. The Gates Of Hell (Grandview Cemetery) (Haunted Cemetery) Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  6. The Haunted Dupont Mansion (Haunted Mansions)
  7. The Louisville Palace Theater (Haunted Theaters) Louisville, Kentucky
  8. The Mammoth Caves (Haunted Caves) Mammoth Cave Park, Kentucky
  9. The Old Talbott Tavern (Haunted Buildings) Bardstown, Kentucky
  10. The Seelbach Hilton (Haunted Hotels) Louisville, Kentucky
  11. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Haunted Asylums)
  12. Waverly Hills Sanitorium (Haunted Asylums) Louisville, Kentucky

(15) Haunted Places in Louisiana

  1. Bourbon Orleans (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Calcasieu Courthouse (Haunted Buildings) Lake Charles, Louisiana
  3. Dauphine Orleans Hotel (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  4. Hotel Provincial (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  5. Lafitte Guest House (Haunted Houses) New Orleans, Louisiana
  6. LaLaurie House (Haunted Houses) New Orleans, Louisiana
  7. Le Pavilion Hotel (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  8. Magnolia Plantation (Haunted Houses) Derry, Louisiana
  9. Monteleone Hotel (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Myrtles Plantation (Haunted Houses) St. Francisville, Louisiana
  11. Old Louisiana State Capitol (Haunted Buildings) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  12. Provincial Hotel (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  13. Shreveport Municipal Auditorium (Haunted Buildings) Shreveport, Louisiana
  14. The Haunted Hotel At 623 Ursulines (Haunted Hotels) New Orleans, Louisiana
  15. The Tomb Of Marie Laveau (Haunted Cemetery) New Orleans, Louisiana

(9) Haunted Places in Maine

  1. Wood Island Lighthouse (Haunted Buildings) Saco Bay, Maine
  2. Carriage House Inn (Haunted Inns) Searsport, Maine
  3. Kennebunk Inn (Haunted Inns) Kennebunk, Maine
  4. Lake George Regional Park West (Haunted Parks) Skowhegan, Maine
  5. Maine State Prison (Haunted Prisons) Thomaston, Maine
  6. Mount Hope Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Bangor, Maine
  7. Museums Of Old York (Haunted Buildings) Old York, Maine
  8. Strand Cinema (Haunted Buildings) Skowhegan, Maine
  9. The Kennebec Arsenal (Haunted Buildings) Augusta, Maine

(9) Haunted Places in Maryland

  1. Baltimore County Almhouse (Haunted Houses) Cockeysville, Maryland
  2. Black Hills Forest (Haunted Forests)
  3. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd's House (Haunted Houses) Waldorf, Maryland
  4. Fletchertown Road (Haunted Roads) Bowie, Maryland
  5. Glenn Dale Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Glenn Dale, Maryland
  6. Lord Baltimore Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Baltimore, Maryland
  7. Maryland State House (Haunted Houses) Annapolis, Maryland
  8. Point Lookout Lighthouse (Haunted Buildings) Scotland, Maryland
  9. St Paul's Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Chestertown, Maryland

(10) Haunted Places in Massachusetts

  1. Danvers State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Danvers, Massachusetts
  2. Dogtown (Haunted Ghost Towns) Cape Ann, Massachusetts
  3. Freetown-Fall River State Forest (Haunted Forests) Assonet, Massachusetts
  4. Hawthorne Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Salem, Massachusetts
  5. Joshua Ward House (Haunted Mansions) Salem, Massachusetts
  6. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast (Haunted Inns) Fall River, Massachusetts
  7. Spider Gates Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Leicester, Massachusetts
  8. Taunton State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Taunton, Massachusetts
  9. The Colonial Inn (Haunted Inns) Concord, Massachusetts
  10. The Houghton Mansion (Haunted Mansions) North Adams, Massachusetts

(6) Haunted Places in Michigan

  1. Detroit Masonic Temple (Haunted Church) Detroit, Michigan
  2. Felt Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Holland, Michigan
  3. Mackinac Island (Haunted Islands) Lake Huron, Michigan
  4. River Raisin National Battlefield Park (Haunted Parks) Monroe, Michigan
  5. The Landmark Inn (Haunted Inns) Marquette, Michigan
  6. Traverse City State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Traverse City, Michigan

(11) Haunted Places in Minnesota

  1. First Avenue (Haunted Buildings) Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. Forepaugh's Restaurant (Haunted Buildings) St. Paul, Minnesota
  3. Gibbs Farmhouse (Haunted Houses) St. Paul, Minnesota
  4. Grey Cloud Island (Haunted Islands) Washington County, Minnesota
  5. Greyhound Bus Museum (Haunted Buildings) Hibbing, Minnesota
  6. Minneapolis City Hall (Haunted Buildings) Minneapolis, Minnesota
  7. The Fitzgerald Theater (Haunted Theaters) St. Paul, Minnesota
  8. The Palmer House Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Sauk Center, Minnesota
  9. The Warden's House (Haunted Houses) Stillwater, Minnesota
  10. Wabasha Street Caves (Haunted Caves) St. Paul, Minnesota
  11. Washington Street Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Minneapolis, Minnesota

(11) Haunted Places in Mississippi

  1. Cedar Grove Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Vicksburg, Mississippi
  2. Chapel Of The Cross Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Madison, Mississippi
  3. City Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Kosciusko, Mississippi
  4. Garden Of Hope Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Gautier, Mississippi
  5. Grand Opera House (Haunted Houses) Meridian, Mississippi
  6. King's Tavern (Haunted Houses) Natchez, Mississippi
  7. Kuhn Memorial State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Vicksburg, Mississippi
  8. Mcraven House (Haunted Houses) Vicksburg, Mississippi
  9. Stuckey's Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Enterprise, Mississippi
  10. The Longfellow House (Haunted Houses) Pascagoula, Mississippi
  11. Waverly Mansion (Haunted Mansions) West Point, Mississippi

(11) Haunted Places in Missouri

  1. Hotel Savoy (Haunted Hotels) Kansas City, Missouri
  2. Jefferson Barracks & Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) St. Louis, Missouri
  3. Jesse James Farm (Haunted Houses) Kearney, Missouri
  4. Knob Noster Town (Haunted Ghost Towns) Knob Noster, Missouri
  5. Lemp Mansion (Haunted Mansions) St. Louis, Missouri
  6. Ravenswood (Haunted Mansions) Bunceton, Missouri
  7. Smallett's Cave (Haunted Caves) Ava, Missouri
  8. The Exorcist House (Haunted Houses) St. Louis, Missouri
  9. The Governor's Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Jefferson City, Missouri
  10. Thespian Hall (Haunted Buildings) Boonville, Missouri
  11. Zombie Road (Haunted Roads) St. Louis, Missouri

(12) Haunted Places in Montana

  1. Bear Canyon Campground (Haunted Parks) Bozeman, Montana
  2. Bonanza Inn (Haunted Inns) Virginia City, Montana
  3. Boulder Hot Springs (Haunted Parks) Boulder, Montana
  4. Copper King Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Butte, Montana
  5. Elks Lodge 537 (Haunted Houses) Miles City, Montana
  6. Fort Peck Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Fort Peck, Montana
  7. Little Bighorn Battlefield (Haunted Parks) Crow Agency, Montana
  8. Montana Territorial Prison (Haunted Prisons) Deer Lodge, Montana
  9. Sacajawea Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Three Forks, Montana
  10. St. Charles Hall, Carroll College (Haunted Schools) Helena, Montana
  11. The Fairweather Inn (Haunted Inns)
  12. The Grand Union Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Fort Benton, Montana

(12) Haunted Places in Nebraska

  1. Alliance Theater (Haunted Theaters) Alliance, Nebraska
  2. Antelope Park (Haunted Parks) Lincoln, Nebraska
  3. Bailey House Museum (Haunted Houses) Brownville, Nebraska
  4. Ball Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Springfield, Nebraska
  5. Barnard Park (Haunted Parks) Fremont, Nebraska
  6. Blackbird Hill (Haunted Parks) Decatur, Nebraska
  7. Centennial Hall (Haunted Buildings) Valentine, Nebraska
  8. Concordia University's David Hall (Haunted Schools) Seward, Nebraska
  9. Devil's Canyon (Haunted Parks) North Of Mccook, Nebraska
  10. Museum Of Shadows (Haunted Buildings) Platsmouth, Nebraska
  11. Platte County Historical Society And Museum (Haunted Houses) Columbus, Nebraska
  12. Seven Sisters Road (Haunted Roads) Nebraska City, Nebraska

(11) Haunted Places in Nevada

  1. Abraham Curry House (Haunted Houses) Carson City, Nevada
  2. Bonnie Springs Ranch (Haunted Houses) Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Gold Hill Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Virginia City, Nevada
  4. Goldfield Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Goldfield, Nevada
  5. Mackay Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Virginia City, Nevada
  6. Mizpah Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Tonopah, Nevada
  7. Nevada Governor's Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Carson City, Nevada
  8. Old Washoe Club (Haunted Buildings) Virginia City, Nevada
  9. Silver Queen Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Virginia City, Nevada
  10. Westgate Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Las Vegas, Nevada
  11. Yellow Jacket Mine (Haunted Caves) Silver City, Nevada

(9) Haunted Places in New England

  1. Blood Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Hollis, Nh, New England
  2. College Hall (Haunted Buildings) Montpelier, Vt, New England
  3. Danvers State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Danvers, Ma, New England
  4. Dudleytown (Haunted Towns) Cornwall, Ct, New England
  5. Fairfield Inn (Haunted Inns) Kennebunkport, Me, New England
  6. Lizzie Borden House (Haunted Houses) Fall River, Ma, New England
  7. Snedeker Demon House (Haunted Houses) Southington, Ct, New England
  8. The Paine House (Haunted Houses) Coventry, Ri, New England
  9. The Sterling Opera House (Haunted Houses) Derby, Ct, New England

(10) Haunted Places in New Hampshire

  1. Alton Town Hall (Haunted Buildings) Alton, New Hampshire
  2. Amos J Blake House Museum (Haunted Buildings) Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire
  3. Isles Of Shoals (Haunted Islands) Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  4. Kimball Castle (Haunted Buildings) Gilford, New Hampshire
  5. Mount Washington Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
  6. New Hampshire State Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Concord, New Hampshire
  7. Ocean-born Mary House (Haunted Houses) Henniker, New Hampshire
  8. Pine Hill Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Hollis, New Hampshire
  9. The Chase House (Haunted Houses) Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  10. University Of New Hampshire (Haunted Schools) Durham, New Hampshire

(12) Haunted Places in New Jersey

  1. Burlington County Prison (Haunted Prisons) Mount Holly, New Jersey
  2. Clinton Road (Haunted Roads) West Milford, New Jersey
  3. Devil's Tower (Haunted Buildings) Alpine, New Jersey
  4. Flanders Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Ocean City, New Jersey
  5. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Parsippany, New Jersey
  6. Lambertville High School (Haunted Schools) Lambertville, New Jersey
  7. Pine Barrens (Haunted Forests) South Jersey, New Jersey
  8. Queens Hotel (The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast) (Haunted Hotels) Cape May, New Jersey
  9. Shades Of Death Road (Haunted Roads) Warren County, New Jersey
  10. The Devil's Tree (Haunted Forests) Bernards Township, New Jersey
  11. The Gates Of Hell (Haunted Tunnels) Clifton, New Jersey
  12. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Trenton, New Jersey

(12) Haunted Places in New Mexico

  1. Albuquerque Press Club (Haunted Buildings) Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2. Atoka School (Haunted Schools) Artesia, New Mexico
  3. Dawson Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Cimarron, New Mexico
  4. Kimo Theater (Haunted Theaters) Albuquerque, New Mexico
  5. Laposada Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Santa Fe, New Mexico
  6. Luna Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Los Lunas, New Mexico
  7. Old Bernalillo County Courthouse (Haunted Buildings) Albuquerque, New Mexico
  8. Saint James Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Cimarron, New Mexico
  9. Santa Fe State Penitentiary (Haunted Prisons) Santa Fe, New Mexico
  10. Shaffer Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Mountainair, New Mexico
  11. The Lodge (Haunted Hotels) Cloudcroft, New Mexico
  12. Urraca Mesa (Haunted Houses) Angel Fire, New Mexico

(14) Haunted Places in New York

  1. Amityville Horror House (Haunted Houses) Long Island, New York
  2. Forest Park Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Brunswick, New York
  3. Fort William Henry Museum (Haunted Houses) Lake George, New York
  4. Gurnsey Hollow (Haunted Cemetery) Frewsburg, New York
  5. House of Death (Haunted Houses) New York City, New York
  6. Landmark Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Syracuse, New York
  7. Letchworth Village (Haunted Asylums) Thiells, New York
  8. New Amsterdam Theatre (Haunted Theaters) New York City, New York
  9. Rolling Hills Asylum (Haunted Asylums) East Bethany, New York
  10. Shanley Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Napanoch, New York
  11. The Morris-Jumel Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Manhattan, New York
  12. The Sagamore (Haunted Hotels) Lake George, New York
  13. The Winery at Marjim Manor (Haunted Houses) Appleton, New York
  14. Utica State Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Utica, New York

(12) Haunted Places in North Carolina

  1. Devil's Tramping Ground (Haunted Parks) Chatham County, North Carolina
  2. Grove Park Inn (Haunted Inns) Asheville, North Carolina
  3. Lydia's Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Greensboro, North Carolina
  4. Old Davis Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Statesville, North Carolina
  5. Paint Rock (Haunted Parks) Hot Springs, North Carolina
  6. Queens University (Haunted Schools) Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Teach's Hole (Haunted Houses) Ocracoke Island, North Carolina
  8. The Biltmore Estate (Haunted Houses) Asheville, North Carolina
  9. The Brown Mountain Lights (Haunted Parks) Linville, North Carolina
  10. The Great Dismal Swamp (Haunted Parks) Northern Border, North Carolina
  11. USS North Carolina (Haunted Ships) Wilmington, North Carolina
  12. Valle Crucis (the Demon Dog) (Haunted Houses) Valle Crucis, North Carolina

(11) Haunted Places in North Dakota

  1. Chateau De Mores (Haunted Houses) Medora, North Dakota
  2. Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House (Haunted Houses) Mandan, North Dakota
  3. Harvey Public Library (Haunted Buildings) Harvey, North Dakota
  4. Liberty Memorial Building (Haunted Buildings) Bismarck, North Dakota
  5. Medora Fudge & Ice Cream Depot (Haunted Buildings) Medora, North Dakota
  6. North Dakota State University (Haunted Schools) Fargo, North Dakota
  7. Old Armory (Haunted Buildings) Williston, North Dakota
  8. San Haven Sanatorium (Haunted Asylums) Dunseith, North Dakota
  9. St. Joseph's Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Dickinson, North Dakota
  10. The Children's Museum At Yunker Farm (Haunted Houses) Fargo, North Dakota
  11. Totten Trail Historic Inn (Haunted Inns) Saint Michael, North Dakota

(11) Haunted Places in Ohio

  1. Civic Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Akron, Ohio
  2. Franklin Castle (Haunted Houses) Cleveland, Ohio
  3. Fudge Road Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Gratis, Ohio
  4. Lafayette Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Marietta, Ohio
  5. Majestic Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Chillicothe, Ohio
  6. Mudhouse Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Lancaster, Ohio
  7. Ohio State Reformatory (Haunted Prisons) Mansfield, Ohio
  8. Ridges Asylum (Haunted Asylums) Athens, Ohio
  9. Sedamsville Rectory (Haunted Houses) Cincinnati, Ohio
  10. Staley Road (Haunted Roads) Carlisle, Ohio
  11. Woodlawn Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Dayton, Ohio

(11) Haunted Places in Oklahoma

  1. Belvidere Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Claremore, Oklahoma
  2. Bird Creek School (Haunted Schools) Pawhuska, Oklahoma
  3. Blanchard Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Blanchard, Oklahoma
  4. Blue Belle Saloon (Haunted Buildings) Guthrie, Oklahoma
  5. Cain's Ballroom (Haunted Buildings) Tulsa, Oklahoma
  6. Cherokee Strip Museum (Haunted Buildings) Alva, Oklahoma
  7. Dead Woman's Crossing (Haunted Bridges) Weatherford, Oklahoma
  8. Langston's Western Wear (Haunted Buildings) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  9. Mohawk Park & Golf Course (Haunted Parks) Tulsa, Oklahoma
  10. Stone Lion Inn (Haunted Inns) Guthrie, Oklahoma
  11. Veteran's Lake (Haunted Lakes) Sulphur, Oklahoma

(15) Haunted Places in Oregon

  1. Croisan Creek Road (Haunted Roads) Salem, Oregon
  2. Geiser Grand Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Baker City, Oregon
  3. Highway 101 (Haunted Highways) Cannon Beach, Oregon
  4. Hot Lake Hotel & Hot Springs (Haunted Hotels) La Grande, Oregon
  5. Lafayette Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Lafayette, Oregon
  6. Lenora (Haunted Towns) Independence, Oregon
  7. Multnomah County Poor Farm (Haunted Houses) Troutdale, Oregon
  8. Oregon Caves Chateau (Haunted Houses) Cave Junction, Oregon
  9. Oregon Institute Of Technology (Haunted Schools) Klamath Falls, Oregon
  10. Oregon State Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Salem, Oregon
  11. Oregon Vortex (Haunted Houses) Gold Hill, Oregon
  12. Pittock Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Portland, Oregon
  13. Shanghai Tunnels (Haunted Tunnels) Portland, Oregon
  14. The Witch's Castle (Haunted Houses) Portland, Oregon
  15. Wolf Creek Inn (Haunted Inns)

(16) Haunted Places in Pennsylvania

  1. Betsy Ross House (Haunted Houses) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Brandywine Battlefield (Haunted Parks) Chester County, Pennsylvania
  3. Cashtown Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Orrtanna, Pennsylvania
  4. Centralia (the Real Silent Hill) (Haunted Towns) Columbia County, Pennsylvania
  5. Eastern State Penitentiary (Haunted Prisons) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Farnsworth House Inn (Haunted Inns) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  7. Fort Mifflin (Haunted Buildings) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. Gettysburg Battlefield (Haunted Parks) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  9. Harrisburg Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  10. Hotel Bethlehem (Haunted Hotels) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  11. Jean Bonnet (Haunted Hotels) Bedford, Pennsylvania
  12. Logan Inn (Haunted Inns) New Hope, Pennsylvania
  13. Pennhurst State School And Hospital (Haunted Schools) Spring City, Pennsylvania
  14. The Old Jail Museum (Haunted Buildings) Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania
  15. The Quality Inn (Haunted Inns) Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  16. The Seven Gates Of Hell (Haunted Asylums) York, Pennsylvania

(2) Haunted Places in Philadelphia

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary (Haunted Prisons)
  2. Fort Mifflin (Haunted Houses)

(13) Haunted Places in Rhode Island

  1. Belcourt Castle (Haunted Houses) Newport, Rhode Island
  2. Chestnut Hill Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Exeter, Rhode Island
  3. City Hall (Haunted Buildings) Providence, Rhode Island
  4. Cumberland Public Library (Haunted Buildings) Cumberland, Rhode Island
  5. Fort Wetherill (Haunted Buildings) Jamestown, Rhode Island
  6. Jail House (Haunted Prisons) Newport, Rhode Island
  7. Nathanael Greene Homestead (Haunted Houses) Coventry, Rhode Island
  8. Seaview Terrace (Haunted Houses) Newport, Rhode Island
  9. The Biltmore Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Providence, Rhode Island
  10. The Breakers Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Newport, Rhode Island
  11. The Ladd School (Haunted Schools) Exeter, Rhode Island
  12. The Perron House (Haunted Houses) Burrillville, Rhode Island
  13. Viking Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Newport, Rhode Island

(16) Haunted Places in South Carolina

  1. Admiral's House (Haunted Houses) Charleston, South Carolina
  2. Battery Carriage House (Haunted Houses) Charleston, South Carolina
  3. Baynard Plantation (Haunted Houses) Hilton Head, South Carolina
  4. Crybaby Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Anderson, South Carolina
  5. Cypress Garden Ruins (Haunted Parks) Moncks Corner, South Carolina
  6. Dock Street Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Charleston, South Carolina
  7. Greenville Tuberculosis Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Greenville, South Carolina
  8. Hell's Gate (oakwood Cemetary) (Haunted Cemetery) Spartanburg, South Carolina
  9. Poinsett Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Greenville County, South Carolina
  10. Rose Hill Plantation (Haunted Houses) Union, South Carolina
  11. Salem Black River Church (Haunted Church) Sumter, South Carolina
  12. Seven Devil's Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Woodruff, South Carolina
  13. South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (Haunted Asylums) Columbia, South Carolina
  14. The Abandoned Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Santee, South Carolina
  15. The Hermitage (Haunted Parks) Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
  16. White Point Gardens (Haunted Parks) Charleston, South Carolina

(12) Haunted Places in South Dakota

  1. Bullock Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Deadwood, South Dakota
  2. Dakota Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Yankton, South Dakota
  3. Devil's Gulch (Haunted Parks) Garretson, South Dakota
  4. Eastons Castle (Haunted Buildings) Aberdeen, South Dakota
  5. Homestake Opera House (Haunted Buildings) Lead, South Dakota
  6. Hotel Alex Johnson (Haunted Hotels) Rapid City, South Dakota
  7. Lucky Nugget Casino (Haunted Buildings) Deadwood, South Dakota
  8. Mount Marty College (Haunted Schools) Yankton, South Dakota
  9. Mount Rushmore Brewing Company (Haunted Buildings) Hill City, South Dakota
  10. Old Minnehaha Courthouse Museum (Haunted Buildings) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  11. Orpheum Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  12. Sioux San Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Rapid City, South Dakota

(10) Haunted Places in Tennessee

  1. Bell Witch Cave (Haunted Caves) Adams, Tennessee
  2. Bell Witch Farm (Haunted Houses) Adams, Tennessee
  3. Carnton Plantation (Haunted Houses) Franklin, Tennessee
  4. Hales Bar Marina & Dam (Haunted Buildings) Guild, Tennessee
  5. Orpheum Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Memphis, Tennessee
  6. Pegram Family Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Pegram, Tennessee
  7. Resthaven Memorial Gardens (Haunted Parks) Clarksville, Tennessee
  8. Rotherwood Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Kingsport, Tennessee
  9. Tennessee State Prison (Haunted Prisons) Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Wheatlands Plantation (Haunted Houses) Sevierville, Tennessee

(14) Haunted Places in Texas

  1. Baker Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Mineral Wells, Texas
  2. Bragg Road (Haunted Roads) Saratoga, Texas
  3. Emily Morgan Hotel (Haunted Hotels) San Antonio, Texas
  4. Hotel Adolphus (Haunted Hotels) Dallas, Texas
  5. Hotel Galvez (Haunted Hotels) Galveston, Texas
  6. Littlefield House (Haunted Houses) Austin, Texas
  7. Presidio La Bahia (Haunted Buildings) Goliad, Texas
  8. San Fernando Cathedral (Haunted Church) San Antonio, Texas
  9. Spaghetti Warehouse (Haunted Buildings) Houston, Texas
  10. The Animal Industries Building (Haunted Buildings) College Station, Texas
  11. The Haunted Menger Hotel (Haunted Hotels) San Antonio, Texas
  12. The Jefferson Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Jefferson, Texas
  13. The White Sanitarium (Haunted Asylums) Wichita Falls, Texas
  14. Yorktown Memorial Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Yorktown, Texas

(11) Haunted Places in Utah

  1. Ben Lomond Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Ogden, Utah
  2. Ben Lomond Suites (The Bigelow Hotel) (Haunted Hotels) Ogden, Utah
  3. Devereaux Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Mccune Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Salt Lake City, Utah
  5. Mercur Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Tooele, Utah
  6. Moon Lake (Haunted Lakes) High Uintas, Utah
  7. Mountain Meadows Massacre (Haunted Parks) Veyo, Utah
  8. Old Tooele Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Tooele, Utah
  9. Rio Grande Depot (Haunted Buildings) Salt Lake City, Utah
  10. Rock Canyon (Haunted Parks) Provo, Utah
  11. Southern Utah University (Haunted Schools) Cedar City, Utah

(10) Haunted Places in Vermont

  1. Brattleboro Retreat Tower (Haunted Buildings) Brattleboro, Vermont
  2. Emily's Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Stowe, Vermont
  3. Hartness House Inn (Haunted Inns) Springfield, Vermont
  4. Lake Bomoseen (Haunted Lakes) West Castleton, Vermont
  5. Marble Inn (Haunted Inns) Fairhaven, Vermont
  6. Norwich University (Haunted Schools) Northfield, Vermont
  7. Shelburne Museum (Haunted Buildings) Shelburne, Vermont
  8. The Equinox Golf Resort & Spa (Haunted Buildings) Manchester, Vermont
  9. University Of Vermont (Haunted Schools) Burlington, Vermont
  10. Vermont Police Academy (Haunted Schools) Pittsford, Vermont

(10) Haunted Places in Virginia

  1. Boxwood Inn B&b (Haunted Inns) Newport, Virginia
  2. Cold Harbour Battlefield Park (Haunted Parks) Richmond, Virginia
  3. Edgewood Plantation (Haunted Houses) Charles City, Virginia
  4. Ferry Plantation House (Haunted Houses) Virginia Beach, Virginia
  5. Fort Magruder Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Williamsburg, Virginia
  6. Major Graham's Mansion (Haunted Mansions) Wythe County, Virginia
  7. Paxton Manor (Haunted Mansions) Leesburg, Virginia
  8. St. Albans Sanatorium (Haunted Asylums) Radford, Virginia
  9. Staunton Train Depot (Haunted Buildings) Staunton, Virginia
  10. Swannanoa Palace (Haunted Buildings) Afton, Virginia

(13) Haunted Places in Washington

  1. Black Diamond Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Black Diamond, Washington
  2. Campbell House (Haunted Houses) Spokane, Washington
  3. Fort Vancouver National Historic Site (Haunted Buildings) Vancouver, Washington
  4. Hotel Andra (Haunted Hotels) Washington, D.C., Washington
  5. Kells Irish Pub (Haunted Buildings) Seattle, Washington
  6. Manresa Castle Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Port Townsend, Washington
  7. Mount Baker Theatre (Haunted Theaters) Bellingham, Washington
  8. Northern State Mental Hospital (Haunted Hospital) Sedro-woolley, Washington
  9. Oxford Saloon (Haunted Buildings) Snohomish, Washington
  10. Palace Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Port Townsend, Washington
  11. Starvation Heights Sanitarium (Haunted Asylums) Olalla, Washington
  12. Tacoma Old City Hall (Haunted Buildings) Tacoma, Washington
  13. University Heights (Haunted Schools) Seattle, Washington

(5) Haunted Places in Washington, D.C.

  1. Capitol Building (Haunted Buildings) Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
  2. Marine Corp Commandant's House (Haunted Houses) Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
  3. Old Stone House (Haunted Houses) Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
  4. The Octagon House (Haunted Houses) Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.
  5. The White House (Haunted Houses) Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C.

(10) Haunted Places in West Virginia

  1. 22 Mine Road (Haunted Roads) Logan, West Virginia
  2. Blennerhassett Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Parkersburg, West Virginia
  3. Droop Mountain Battlefield (Haunted Parks) Pocahontas County, West Virginia
  4. Harpers Ferry (Haunted Towns) Jefferson County, West Virginia
  5. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park (Haunted Parks) Mercer County, West Virginia
  6. Lewisburg Historic District (Haunted Towns) Lewisburg, West Virginia
  7. Morgantown (Haunted Towns) Monongalia County, West Virginia
  8. North Bend Rail Trail Tunnel No 19 (Haunted Tunnels) Ritchie County, West Virginia
  9. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (Haunted Asylums) Weston, West Virginia
  10. West Virginia Penitentiary (Moundsville Penitentiary) (Haunted Prisons) Moundsville, West Virginia

(11) Haunted Places in Wiscousin

  1. Bloody Bride Bridge (Haunted Bridges) Stevens Point, Wiscousin
  2. Boy Scout Lane (Haunted Roads) Stevens Point, Wiscousin
  3. Clark County Insane Asylum (Haunted Asylums) Owen, Wiscousin
  4. Dartford Cemetery (Haunted Cemetery) Green Lake, Wiscousin
  5. Hotel Hell (Haunted Hotels) Maribel, Wiscousin
  6. St Joseph's Hospital (Haunted Hospitals) Marshfield, Wiscousin
  7. Summerwind (Haunted Houses) Land O'lakes, Wiscousin
  8. The Brumder Mansion Bed & Breakfast (Haunted Mansions) Milwaukee, Wiscousin
  9. The Grand Opera House (Haunted Buildings) Oshkosh, Wiscousin
  10. The Pfister Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Milwaukee, Wiscousin
  11. Witch Road (Haunted Roads) Ripon, Wiscousin

(11) Haunted Places in Wyoming

  1. Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel & Restaurant (Haunted Hotels) Cody, Wyoming
  2. Fort Bridger State Historic Site (Haunted Buildings) Fort Bridger, Wyoming
  3. Fort Laramie Historical Site (Haunted Buildings) Fort Laramie, Wyoming
  4. Heart Mountain Relocation Center (Haunted Buildings) Powell, Wyoming
  5. Hot Springs County Library (Haunted Buildings) Thermopolis, Wyoming
  6. Irma Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Cody, Wyoming
  7. Occidental Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Buffalo, Wyoming
  8. Old Faithful Inn (Haunted Inns) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  9. The Historic Plains Hotel (Haunted Hotels) Cheyenne, Wyoming
  10. Wonder Bar (Haunted Buildings) Casper, Wyoming
  11. Wyoming Territorial Prison (Haunted Prisons) Laramie, Wyoming