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In our list of the best horror movies in 2009 on page 3 of 3 total result pages.we have Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas, The Last Resort, The Cell 2, Paranormal Entity, Necrosis & The Human Centipede (First Sequence). The top movie is Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas scoring 4.363/10 stars in our weighted score. Starring in this 2009 movie is John Diehl, John Burke, Thomas Garner, Antonio Sabato Jr., Joseph Walsh, Kelly Curran, Caia Coley. The second best 2009 horror movie is The Last Resort scoring 4.340/10 stars in our weighted score. These are the best horror films of 2009 and we hope you enjoy the 86 movies in our list of 2009 horror movies.


List of 2009 Horror Films

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