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25). The Silent House (2010)

Score: 6.05/10 IMDB: 5.4/10 Trailer
The plot is based on a true story that happened in the late '40s in a small village in Uruguay.…
Directors: Gustavo Hernández, Gustavo Hernández
Stars: Florencia Colucci, Abel Tripaldi, Gustavo Alonso, María Salazar, María Salazar

26). Piranha 3D (2010)

Score: 6.03/10 IMDB: 5.5/10 Trailer
Lake Victoria's annual Spring party by 50,000 young revelers is about to turn into a feeding frenzy with prehistoric hunger-pains.…
Director: Alexandre Aja
Stars: Greg Nicotero, Eli Roth, Bonnie Morgan, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd

27). Carnies (2010)

Score: 5.97/10 IMDB: 6.7/10 Trailer
Sawdust in the Blood used to be a Carny compliment...not a description of a crime scene. There are a thousand…
Director: Brian Corder
Stars: Doug Jones, Reggie Bannister, Lee Perkins, Mighty Mike Murga, Sean Clark

28). Outcast (2010)

Score: 5.9/10 IMDB: 5.4/10 Trailer
It tells the tale of Petronella (a Scottish/Romany girl) and Fergal (her mysterious Irish traveller boyfriend). As their doomed relationship…
Director: Colm McCarthy
Stars: Karen Gillan, Ian Whyte, James Nesbitt, James Cosmo, Fiona O'Shaughnessy

29). Bedevilled (2010)

Score: 5.79/10 IMDB: 7.3/10 Trailer
Hae-won is a beautiful single woman in her thirties who works at a bank in the Seoul city. She leads…
Director: Cheol-soo Jang
Stars: Deok-jae Jo, Myeong-ja Lee, Gi-seop Jeong, Seung-ah Park, Jeong-hak Park

30). The Wolfman (2009) (2010)

Score: 5.75/10 IMDB: 5.8/10 Trailer Review
Lawrence Talbot's childhood ended the night his mother died. His father sent him from the sleepy Victorian hamlet of Blackmoor…
Director: Joe Johnston
Stars: Hugo Weaving, Max von Sydow, Anthony Hopkins, Christian Wolf-La'Moy, Emily Blunt

31). A Horrible Way to Die (2010)

Score: 5.73/10 IMDB: 5.3/10 Trailer
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Director: Adam Wingard
Stars: Simon Barrett, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Amy Seimetz, Lane Hughes

32). Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2010)

Score: 5.7/10 IMDB: 5.6/10 Trailer
A young girl is sent to live with her estranged father and his girlfriend at their new home. The father,…
Director: Troy Nixey
Stars: Alan Dale, Nicholas Bell, Guillermo del Toro, Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce

33). Nine Dead (2010)

Score: 5.68/10 IMDB: 5.5/10 Trailer Review
Communication is the key for the survival of nine strangers who have been kidnapped by a masked gunman and told…
Director: Chris Shadley
Stars: Marc Macaulay, Ritchie Montgomery, Lawrence Turner, Edrick Browne, Daniel Baldwin

34). Mirrors 2 (2010)

Score: 5.64/10 IMDB: 4.9/10 Trailer Review
While driving on the road with his fiancée Kayla, Max Matheson has a serious car accident and they both die.…
Directors: Víctor García, Víctor García
Stars: Wayne Pére, Lance E. Nichols, Wayne Pére, Emily D. Haley, Stephanie Honoré

35). Nightbeasts (2010)

Score: 5.52/10 IMDB: 6.7/10 Trailer
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Director: Wes Sullivan
Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Zach Galligan, Robert Miano, Marko Mäkilaakso, Apesanahkwat

36). Dante's Inferno: An Animated Epic (2010)

Score: 5.47/10 IMDB: 6.6/10 Trailer
After fighting in the Crusades for three years, Dante rides back home to his family estate to reunite with his…
Directors: Victor Cook, Mike Disa, Sang-Jin Kim …
Stars: Steve Blum, Kevin Michael Richardson, Nicholas Guest, Graham McTavish, Mark Hamill

37). Cold Sweat (2010)

Score: 5.43/10 IMDB: 4.8/10 Trailer
Román and his friend Ali seek out his girlfriend Jackie in a dangerous zone in a suburb in Buenos Aires.…
Directors: Adrián García Bogliano, Adrián García Bogliano
Stars: Victoria Witemburg, Diego Cremonesi, Gimena Blesa, Omar Musa, Facundo Espinosa

38). Paranormal Activity 2 (2010)

Score: 5.41/10 IMDB: 5.7/10 Trailer Review
Daniel Rey along with his wife, Kristi; daughter, Ali; toddler son, Hunter, and their dog, move to Carlsbad, California. A…
Director: Tod Williams
Stars: Katie Featherston, Brian Boland, Micah Sloat, Molly Ephraim, Sprague Grayden

39). Dear Mr. Gacy (2010)

Score: 5.38/10 IMDB: 6.4/10 Trailer
1993. Overachieving college student Jason Moss, fascinated by serial crime, decides to write his criminology class term paper on John…
Director: Svetozar Ristovski
Stars: Andrew Airlie, Jesse Moss, Dee Jay Jackson, William Forsythe, John Andrew Vaas

40). Atrocious (2010)

Score: 5.35/10 IMDB: 5.1/10 Trailer
Cristian and his sister, July, travel from Madrid to El Garraf with their parents and their little brother to spend…
Director: Fernando Barreda Luna
Stars: Hector Perez, Cristian Valencia, Luis Lorenzo, Clara Moraleda, Carlos Blanco Barberà

41). My Babysitter's a Vampire (2010)

Score: 5.34/10 IMDB: 6.3/10 Trailer
Ethan Morgan is a geeky freshman, not trusted by his parents to stay home alone with his little sister Jane.…
Director: Bruce McDonald
Stars: Matthew Knight, Laura de Carteret, Stephan James, Joe Dinicol, Luke Bilyk

42). Sint (2010)

Score: 5.3/10 IMDB: 5.6/10 Trailer
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Director: Dick Maas
Stars: Cynthia Abma, Pieter Van der Sman, Pim Kops, Kees Boot, Madelief Blanken

43). I Didn't Come Here to Die (2010)

Score: 5.17/10 IMDB: 5.3/10 Trailer
The story of six young volunteers working on a humanitarian project in the woods. Horrific accidents, rash decisions and the…
Director: Bradley Scott Sullivan
Stars: Emmy Robbin, Indiana Adams, Kurt Cole, Madi Goff, Travis Scott Newman

44). Undocumented (2010)

Score: 5.16/10 IMDB: 5.9/10 Trailer
A small group of documentary filmmakers chronicle the trials and inequities faced by Mexican illegal immigrants. When they join a…
Director: Chris Peckover
Stars: Peter Stormare, Jsu Garcia, Kevin Wiggins, Noah Segan, Castulo Guerra

45). Le poil de la bete (2010)

Score: 5.11/10 IMDB: 5.2/10 Trailer
Takes place in 1665 in New France at a time when a part of Canada was colonialized by France. Joseph…
Director: Philippe Gagnon
Stars: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Étienne Pilon, Daniel French, Viviane Audet, Virginie Morin

46). Mutant Girls Squad (2010)

Score: 5.11/10 IMDB: 5.8/10 Trailer
On her sixteenth birthday, Rin (Yumi Sugimoto), a bullied, timid schoolgirl witnesses her parents killed by fearful, anti-mutant humans. Rins…
Directors: Yoshihiro Nishimura, Noboru Iguchi, Tak Sakaguchi
Stars: Kanji Tsuda, Tak Sakaguchi, Yui Murata, Demo Tanaka, Arata Yamanaka

47). Kidnapped (2010)

Score: 5.07/10 IMDB: 6.4/10 Trailer
Jaime, his wife Marta and their teenage daughter Isa move to a dream house in Madrid and they plan a…
Directors: Miguel Ángel Vivas, Miguel Ángel Vivas
Stars: Fernando Cayo, Xoel Yáñez, Manuela Vellés, César Capilla, Ana Wagener

48). Haunted Changi (2010)

Score: 5.06/10 IMDB: 5.1/10 Trailer
In January of 2010, a group of local filmmakers began exploring the famously haunted Old Changi Hospital in Singapore with…
Directors: Tony Kern, Andrew Lau
Stars: Faridino Assalam, Farid Azlam, Sheena Chan, Sheena Chung, Audi Khalid

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24 List of 2010 Horror Films Worth Watching!

Best Horror Movies of 2010

Looking for the best 2010 horror movies? At the top of our list of the best horror movies of 2010 are "The Silent House (2010), Piranha 3D (2010), Carnies (2010), Outcast (2010), and Bedevilled (2010)." Our top list is an average of our review scores, Hell Horror viewers, and a few other sources.

The best horror film of 2010 is The Silent House (2010) scoring 6.05/10 stars with our combined scores. IMDB already has over 7,000 votes for this movie. Starring in The Silent House (2010) is Florencia Colucci, Abel Tripaldi, Gustavo Alonso, María Salazar, and María Salazar. Co-directors Gustavo Hernández, and Gustavo Hernández did a phenomenal job treating us with this 2010 best horror film which was remarkable.The Silent House (2010) is in Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, and Adventure movie genres.

Next Best Horror Movies of 2010 The next best 2010 horror movie is Piranha 3D (2010) with a score of 6.03/10 stars. Greg Nicotero, Eli Roth, Bonnie Morgan, Ving Rhames, and Christopher Lloyd star in "Piranha 3D (2010)". Piranha 3D (2010) is directed by Alexandre Aja and has over 79,830 IMDB votes. You can find Piranha 3D (2010) in Horror, Thriller, and Comedy movie genres.

These are the best horror films of 2010, and we hope you enjoy the 118 movies on our list of good 2010 horror movies sorted best to worst.

Please let us know if there is a movie that you think belongs on our list that we missed.

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