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  • In Theaters: Oct 10, 2003
  • DVD: May 25, 2004
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Bubba Ho-Tep Cast Starring Bruce Campbell, Daniel Roebuck, Reggie Bannister, Harrison Young, Chuck Williams

Bubba Ho-Tep Directed by Don Coscarelli

42,280 votes, 3.45 / 5 avg. rating (69% score)

Synopsis: Elvis and JFK, both alive and in a nursing home, fight for the souls of their fellow residents as they battle an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

Tagline: The King vs. The King of the Dead

Bubba Ho-Tep Cast: Bruce Campbell, Daniel Roebuck, Reggie Bannister, Harrison Young, Chuck Williams, Bob Ivy, Daniel Schweiger, Edith Jefferson, Heidi Marnhout, Sylvia Flammer, Ossie Davis, AndrĂ© Sogliuzzo, André Sogliuzzo, Timothy E. Goodwin, Cean Okada, Larry Pennell, Virginia Brown, Linda Flammer, Celia Gill, Solange Morand, Harvey Flammer, Karen Placencia, Ruth Hansen, Bruce Rawitz, Mary Rose Waken, Joseph Primero, Natasha Kurtz, James Maley, Avery Taylor, Blaine Tyler
Bubba Ho-Tep Directors: Don Coscarelli
Bubba Ho-Tep Genres: Horror, Mystery, Fantasy, Comedy, Western
Year: 2002
Runtime: 92 / 1h 32min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 7
Nominations: 10
Writers: Joe R. Lansdale, Don Coscarelli
Producers: Dac Coscarelli, Don Coscarelli, Jason R. Savage
Musicians: Brian Tyler
Cinematographers: Adam Janeiro
Editors: Scott J. Gill, Donald Milne

Production: Silver Sphere Corporation
Website: http://www.bubbahotep.com/
Language: English, German
Country: USA
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