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Frontier(s) Cast Starring Samuel Le Bihan, Chems Dahmani, Patrick Ligardes, Maud Forget, Jean-Jérôme Bertolus

Frontier(s) Directed by Xavier Gens

22,831 votes, 2.65 / 5 avg. rating (53% score)

Synopsis: A gang of young thieves flee Paris during the violent aftermath of a political election, only to hole up at an Inn run by neo-Nazis.

Tagline: What are your boundaries?

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Frontier(s) Cast: Samuel Le Bihan, Chems Dahmani, Patrick Ligardes, Maud Forget, Jean-Jérôme Bertolus, Antoine Coesens, Estelle Lefébure, Sandra Dorset, Henri-Pierre Plais, Maiko Vuillod, Karina Testa, Patrick Vigne, Aurélien Wiik, Yannick Dahan, David Saracino, Jean-Philippe Goudroye, Amélie Daure, Estelle Lefébure, Rosine Favey, Aurélien Wiik, Adel Bencherif, Amélie Daure, Joël Lefrançois, Joël Lefrançois, Jean-Pierre Jorris, Stéphane Jacquot, Stéphane Jacquot, Hervé Berty, Christine Culerier, Jean-Jérôme Bertolus
Frontier(s) Directors: Xavier Gens
Frontier(s) Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 2007
Runtime: 108 / 1h 48min
MPAA Rating: R
Nominations: 6
Producers: Luc Besson, Hubert Brault, Eric Garoyan, Karim Guellaty, Rodolphe Guglielmi, Bertrand Le Delezir, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Noël Muracciole, Fryderyk Ovcaric, Teddy Percherancier, Laurent Tolleron
Musicians: Jean-Pierre Taïeb
Cinematographers: Laurent Barès
Editors: Carlo Rizzo

Production: After Dark Films
Language: French, German
Country: France, Switzerland
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