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The Purge (2013) Movie Poster
  • The Purge Rating Scores
  • Our Score: 5
  • Overall Score: 4.70
  • IMDB: 5.7
  • MetaCritic: 4.1
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 3.8
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The Purge Cast Starring Ethan Hawke, Karen Strassman, Lena Headey, Edwin Hodge, Chris Mulkey

The Purge Directed by James DeMonaco

175,883 votes, 2.35 / 5 avg. rating (47% score)

Synopsis: In the future, a wealthy family is held hostage for harboring the target of a murderous syndicate during the Purge, a 12-hour period in which any and all crime is legalized.

Tagline: Reminder all emergency services will be suspended for a 12-hour period during the purge.

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The Purge Cast: Ethan Hawke, Karen Strassman, Lena Headey, Edwin Hodge, Chris Mulkey, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Nathan Clarkson, Rhys Wakefield, Aaron Kuban, Tyler Osterkamp, Adelaide Kane, Rj Wolfe, Tom Yi, Tisha French, John Weselcouch, Boima Blake, Chester Lockhart, Max Burkholder, Tony Oller, Jesse Jacobs, Arija Bareikis, Dana Bunch, Peter Gvozdas, David Basila
The Purge Directors: James DeMonaco
The Purge Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Year: 2013
Runtime: 85 / 1h 25min
MPAA Rating: R
Nominations: 6
Producers: Michael Bay, Jason Blum, Gerard DiNardi, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller, S├ębastien K. Lemercier, Jeanette Volturno
Musicians: Nathan Whitehead
Cinematographers: Jacques Jouffret
Editors: Peter Gvozdas

Box Office: $64,400,000
Production: Universal Pictures
Language: English
Country: USA, France

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