Battle: New York - Day 2 (2011) Movie

Battle: New York - Day 2
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: August 23, 2011
67% Like of 3 Total Votes

Starring Christopher Frederick, Thomas Rowen, Gwen Lawson, Nat Cassidy
Directed by Andrew Bellware
3 votes, 3.3 / 5 avg. rating (66% score) A small band of urban survivors fight to avoid being turned into zombie slaves when New York City is invaded my evil aliens. Laura Sommers was confiding in her psychiatrist that she"d been hearing disembodied voices when the sky suddenly went dark.


Laura Sommer's therapy for hearing voices in her head is cut short when New York City is rocked by an alien invasion...
Cast: Christopher Frederick, Thomas Rowen, Gwen Lawson, Nat Cassidy, Becket Harrison Lee, Danielle Quisenberry, Sebastian Lipszyc, Kathleen Kwan, Ingrid Nordstrom, Maduka Steady, Nicolas Reinhardt, Ridley Parson, Gloria Rice, Karen Sternberg, Brian Silliman, Madeline Cedar, Tarantino Smith, Micah Chartrand, Isaiah Tannenbaum, Rebecca Comtois, Jorden Feltner, Ryan P.J. Feltner, Lauren Ferebee, Thane Floreth, Tina Tanzer, Kari Geddes, David Ian Lee, Graham Hurley
Directors: Andrew Bellware
Genres: Sci-Fi
Alias: Battle: New York, Day 2
Year: 2011
Runtime: 94 /
Writers: Ralph Boswell
Producers: Laura Schlachtmeyer
Editors: Henry Steady

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