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The Uninvited Cast Starring Jesse Moss, Elizabeth Banks, Heather Doerksen, Kevin McNulty, Don S. Davis

The Uninvited Directed by Charles Guard, Thomas Guard

69,958 votes, 2.3 / 5 avg. rating (46% score)

The Uninvited Plot Synopsis:

After the death of her ill mother in a fire, the young teenager Anna tries to commit suicide and is sent to a mental institution for treatment. Ten months later, Anna still cannot remember what had happened on the night her mother died. Her psychiatric Dr. Silberling, however, discharges her telling that she has resolved her issues. Her father and successful writer, Steven, brings her back home in an isolated mansion nearby the coast. Anna finds that her mother's former nurse, Rachel Summers, is her stepmother now. Anna meets her beloved sister, Alex, swimming in the sea. She discovers that Steven has not delivered the letters and CDs that Alex had sent to her. As time moves on, Anna is haunted by ghosts and she believes that Rachel killed her mother. Alex and Anna decide to look for evidence to prove that Rachel is the murderer and Anna discovers the truth about the fire in the boat house.
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The Uninvited Cast: Jesse Moss, Elizabeth Banks, Heather Doerksen, Kevin McNulty, Don S. Davis, David Strathairn, Alf Humphreys, Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel, John Prowse, Maya Massar, Troy Rudolph, C.A. Fraser Bain, Michael Perez, Daniel Bristol, Dean Paul Gibson, Lex Burnham, Matthew Bristol, Danny Bristol, Ryan Cowie
The Uninvited Directors: Charles Guard, Thomas Guard
The Uninvited Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Year: 2009
Runtime: 87 / 1h 27min
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Nominations: 2
Writers: Craig Rosenberg, Doug Miro, Carlo Bernard
Producers: Doug Davison, Casey Grant, Michael Grillo, Roy Lee, Laurie MacDonald, Gerald D. Moon, Walter F. Parkes, Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman, Riyoko Tanaka
Musicians: Christopher Young
Cinematographers: Daniel Landin
Editors: Jim Page, Christian Wagner

Box Office: $28,573,173
Production: DreamWorks/Paramount Studios
Language: English
Country: USA, Canada, Germany
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