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The Veil Cast Starring Thomas Jane, Jessica Alba, Nathan Clarkson, Aleksa Palladino, Jane Osborn

The Veil Directed by Phil Joanou

6,596 votes, 2.26 / 5 avg. rating (45% score)

Synopsis: Twenty-five years after members of a religious cult committed mass suicide, the lone survivor returns to the scene of the tragedy with a documentary crew in tow.

The Veil Cast: Thomas Jane, Jessica Alba, Nathan Clarkson, Aleksa Palladino, Jane Osborn, Ivy George, Feather Rae Dawn, Chet Grissom, Kyla-Drew, Sandra Rosko, Shannon Woodward, Jim Storm, Eric Banzon, Shane Roney, Shayla Chanadet, Mark Sande, Lenny Jacobson, Skya Chanadet, Meegan Warner, Anna Sampson, Chelsea Grant, Timothy A. Wilson, Jack De Sena, Alina Lopez, Cheyenne Wilbur, Kira McLean, Sheryl Arenson, Stacey Turner, Ashley Atwood, Dylan Thiffault
The Veil Directors: Phil Joanou
The Veil Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Year: 2016
Runtime: 93 / 1h 33min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Jason Blum, Kaylene Carlson, Phillip Dawe, Robert Ben Garant, Paul Manix, Jeanette Volturno
Musicians: Nathan Whitehead
Cinematographers: Steeven Petitteville
Editors: Paul Norling

Production: Blumhouse Productions
Language: English
Country: USA
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