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  • Our Score: 8
  • Overall Score: 6.90
  • IMDB: 6.2
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 6.4
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The Church Cast Starring Wendee Lee, Michael McConnohie, Edie Mirman, Lara Cody, Asia Argento

The Church Directed by Michele Soavi

5,613 votes, 3.45 / 5 avg. rating (69% score)

Synopsis: An old Gothic cathedral, built over a mass grave, develops strange powers which trap a number of people inside with ghosts from a 12th Century massacre seeking to resurrect an ancient demon from the bowels of the Earth.

Tagline: It will make you squirm.

The Church Cast: Wendee Lee, Michael McConnohie, Edie Mirman, Lara Cody, Asia Argento, Tomas Arana, Robert Axelrod, Hugh Quarshie, Kerrigan Mahan, Michele Soavi, Theodore Lehmann, Jeff Winkless, Melora Harte, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Edward Mannix, Barry Stigler, Lars Jorgenson, Barbara Cupisti, Katherine Bell Marjorie, Patrizia Punzo, Riccardo Minervini, Enrico Osterman, Antonella Vitale, Micaela Pignatelli, Bill Capizzi, Matteo Rocchietta, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., David Thomas, J.C. Henning, John Richardson
The Church Directors: Michele Soavi
The Church Genres: Horror
Year: 1989
Runtime: 102 / 1h 42min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini
Producers: Dario Argento, Mario Cecchi Gori, Vittorio Cecchi Gori
Musicians: Keith Emerson, Philip Glass, Goblin, Fabio Pignatelli
Cinematographers: Renato Tafuri
Editors: Franco Fraticelli

Production: Hemdale Home Video
Language: Italian, Hungarian, Latin
Country: Italy

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