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Amityville 3-D (1983) Movie Poster
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  • DVD: Apr 05, 2005
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  • Our Score: 4
  • Overall Score: 2.86
  • IMDB: 4.0
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 0.5
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Amityville 3-D Cast Starring Robert Joy , Candy Clark, Terence McCorry, Lori Loughlin, Raquel Pankowsky

Amityville 3-D Directed by Richard Fleischer

4,927 votes, 1.43 / 5 avg. rating (28% score)

Synopsis: A reporter moves into the ominous Long Island house to debunk it of the recent supernatural events and becomes besieged by the evil manifestations which are connected to a hell-spawn demon lurking in the basement.

Tagline: Inside these walls, nothing is impossible ...except survival.

Amityville 3-D Cast: Robert Joy, Candy Clark, Terence McCorry, Lori Loughlin, Raquel Pankowsky, Meg Ryan, Paco Pharrez, Josefina Echánove, Tony Roberts, Tess Harper, John Beal, Leora Dana, John Harkins, Neill Barry, Peter Kowanko, Frederikke Borge, Carlos Romano, Josefina Echánove, Jorge Zepeda
Amityville 3-D Directors: Richard Fleischer
Amityville 3-D Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 1983
Runtime: 105 / 1h 45min
MPAA Rating: PG
Producers: Stephen F. Kesten
Musicians: Howard Blake
Cinematographers: Fred Schuler
Editors: Frank J. Urioste

Production: Dino De Laurentiis Company
Language: English
Country: USA

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