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  • DVD: Aug 28, 2001
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  • Our Score: 2
  • Overall Score: 3.43
  • IMDB: 4.2
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Faust Cast Starring Jeffrey Combs , Andrew Divoff, Carlos Lasarte, Matt Falletta, Ferran Lahoz

Faust Directed by Brian Yuzna

3,353 votes, 1.72 / 5 avg. rating (34% score)

Synopsis: A man sells his soul to the devil.

Tagline: Everything has a price...

Faust Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Andrew Divoff, Carlos Lasarte, Matt Falletta, Ferran Lahoz, Michelle Jenner, Dirk Rogers, Charo Oubiña, Ronny Svensson, Miguel Ángel Jenner, Julia Davies, Sarr Mamadon Alex, Fermí Reixach, Charo Oubiña, Joan Gispert, Jan Willem, Mark Frost, Pedro Moya, Isabel Brook, Noah Yuzna, Jennifer Rope, Miguel Ángel Jenner, Mònica Van Campen, Leslie Charles, Motokazu Kawamura, Junix Inocian, Holly One, Robert Paterson, Marc Martínez, Fermí Reixach
Faust Directors: Brian Yuzna
Faust Genres: Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Year: 2000
Runtime: 98 / 1h 38min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 4
Nominations: 4
Writers: Tim Vigil, David Quinn
Producers: Ted Chalmers, Carlos Fernández, Julio Fernández, Antonio González, Bea Morillas, Miguel Torrente, Brian Yuzna
Musicians: Xavier Capellas
Cinematographers: Jacques Haitkin
Editors: Luis de la Madrid

Production: Trimark
Language: English
Country: Spain
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