Cherry Falls (2000) Movie

Cherry Falls
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Starring Michael Biehn, Candy Clark, Vicki Davis, Brittany Murphy
Directed by Geoffrey Wright
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Synopsis: In the small town of Cherry Falls, a psychotic murderer is killing off the virgins of the local high school.

Tagline: lose your innocence - or lose your life

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Cast: Michael Biehn, Candy Clark, Vicki Davis, Brittany Murphy, Jesse Bradford, Colin Fickes, Mark Joy, Steve Boles, Patt Noday, Michael Harding, Bre Blair, Candy Aston-Dennis, Stephen Szibler, Joseph M. West Jr., Deborah Hobart, Bryan Friday, David Lenthall, Zachary Knighton, Gabriel Mann, Joe Inscoe, Douglas Spain, Michael Goodwin, Teresa Jones, Rebecca Coker, Steve Ayers, Gerard Malbrough, Beatrice Bush, Danny Scalf, Rick Forrester, Michael Weston
Directors: Geoffrey Wright
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Year: 2000
Runtime: 92 /
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Ken Selden
Producers: Marshall Persinger, Joyce Schweickert, Eli Selden, Ken Selden, Scott Shiffman, Julie Yorn
Musicians: Walter Werzowa
Cinematographers: Anthony B. Richmond
Editors: John F. Link

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    Brittany Murphy CHERRY TREE Blu-ray Release Date DetailsGeoffrey Wright‘s Cherry Falls (2000) is getting a Blu-ray release this March 29, 2016, via Scream Factory. This Blu-ray release includes a ton of bonus features including new audio commentary, new interviews, and behind the scenes footage. Brittany Murphy, Jay Mohr, and Michael Biehn star in Cherry Falls.

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