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2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) Movie Poster
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2-Headed Shark Attack Cast Starring Charlie O'Connell, Gerald Webb, Joseph Velez, Carmen Electra, Brooke Hogan

2-Headed Shark Attack Directed by Christopher Ray

5,911 votes, 1.81 / 5 avg. rating (36% score)

Synopsis: Survivors escape to a deserted atoll, after their boat during a Semester at Sea ship is sunk by a mutated two-headed shark. But when the atoll starts flooding, no one is safe from the double jaws of the monster.

Tagline: 1 Body, 2 Heads and 6,000 Teeth.

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2-Headed Shark Attack Cast: Charlie O'Connell, Gerald Webb, Joseph Velez, Carmen Electra, Brooke Hogan, Corinne Nobili, Benjamin James, Chase Conner, Casey King, Anna Jackson, Amber English, Collin Carmouze, Christina Bach, Morgan Thompson, David Gallegos, Anthony E. Valentin, Geoff Ward, Alexa Score, Mercedes Young, Tiffany Score, Shannan Stewart, Curtis Belz, Tihirah Taliaferro, Alexandre Giraudon, Michael Dicarluccio, Lauren Vera, Marckenson Charles, Ashley Bissing
2-Headed Shark Attack Directors: Christopher Ray
2-Headed Shark Attack Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Adventure
Year: 2012
Runtime: 88 / 1h 28min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Edward DeRuiter, H. Perry Horton
Producers: Paul Bales, Anthony Fankhauser, David Michael Latt, David Rimawi
Musicians: Chris Ridenhour
Cinematographers: Stuart Brereton
Editors: Rob Pallatina

Website: http://www.theasylum.cc/product.php?id=194
Language: English
Country: USA

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