Evidence (2013) Movie

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  • In Theaters: July 19, 2013
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Starring Harry Lennix, Radha Mitchell, Dale Dickey, Nolan Gerard Funk
Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi
6 votes, 4.15 / 5 avg. rating (83% score)

Director Olatunde Osunsanmi (The Cavern, The Fourth Kind) brings us Evidence as his new horror thriller with Stephen Moyer (HBOs True Blood, Priest, The Barrens) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill, Pitch Black) heading the cast. I like both of these actors and the plot sounds wickedly fantastic. Count me at the movie theaters this upcoming JUly 19, 2013.

Synopsis: Moyer and Mitchel play a pair of detectives who need to use found video footage discovered at the scene of the crime to solve a brutal massacre. After a tragic bus crash in the desert, a madman preyed on his victims and killed every last survivor. The only evidence are the images captured on the victims recording devices.

Cast: Harry Lennix, Radha Mitchell, Dale Dickey, Nolan Gerard Funk, John Newton, Alisha Seaton, Stephen Moyer, Seth Bailey, Aml Ameen, Chris Jai Alex, Caitlin Stasey, Torrey DeVitto, Svetlana Metkina, James Ryen, Verity Branco, Barak Hardley, Albert Kuo, Ardy Brent Carlson, Christopher Frontiero, Michael Daniali, David Goldsmith
Directors: Olatunde Osunsanmi
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Year: 2013
Runtime: 94 /
Writers: John Swetnam
Producers: Garrick Dion, Alice S. Kim, David Lancaster, Michel Litvak, Marc Platt, Anthony Rhulen, Adam Siegel, Jeffrey Stott, John Swetnam, Jake Wagner, Gary Michael Walters
Musicians: Atli Örvarsson
Cinematographers: Lukas Ettlin
Editors: Paul Covington

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