Maniac Cop 2 (1990) Movie

Maniac Cop 2
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Starring Danny Trejo, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, James Dixon
Directed by William Lustig
10 votes, 3 / 5 avg. rating (60% score)

Synopsis: A supernatural, maniac killer cop teams up with a Times Square serial killer.

Tagline: You have the right to remain silent forever.....Again!

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Cast: Danny Trejo, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, James Dixon, Santos Morales, Robert Davi, Hank Garrett, Laurene Landon, Shelly Desai, Leo Rossi, Charles Napier, Roger Aaron Brown, Marco Rodríguez, Robert Earl Jones, Clarence Williams III, Claudia Christian, Frank Pesce, Bert Rosario, Jason Lustig, Charles Croughwell, Lou Bonacki, Enrique Castillo, Michael Lerner, Lisa Kramer, Joe Cirillo, Paula Trickey, Glen Lloyd Hahn, Andrew Hill Newman, Maria D'Alessio, Vincent Russo
Directors: William Lustig
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Action, Crime
Year: 1990
Runtime: 90 /
Writers: Larry Cohen
Producers: Larry Cohen, Frank D'Alessio, Anthony De Felice, John Engel, David Hodgins
Musicians: Jay Chattaway
Cinematographers: James Lemmo
Editors: David Kern

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