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  • In Theaters: Aug 13, 2004
  • DVD: Feb 14, 2006
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R-Point Cast Starring Nae-sang Ahn, David Anselmo, Ju-bong Gi, Woo-seong Kam, Byung-ho Son

R-Point Directed by Su-chang Kong

4,702 votes, 3.1 / 5 avg. rating (62% score)

Synopsis: During the Vietnam War, a South Korean base receives a radio transmission from a missing squad, presumed dead, and sends a platoon to rescue the lost squad from the R-Point.

Tagline: He who sheds others" blood will not return ... NOT EVEN HIS SOUL ...

R-Point Cast: Nae-sang Ahn, David Anselmo, Ju-bong Gi, Woo-seong Kam, Byung-ho Son, Sun-kyun Lee, Won-sang Park, Tae-kyung Oh, Jin-ho Song, Yeong-dong Mun, Kyeong-ho Jeong, Byeong-cheol Kim, James Han, Dong-kyu Lee
R-Point Directors: Su-chang Kong
R-Point Genres: Horror, Action, War
Year: 2004
Runtime: 107 / 1h 47min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Su-chang Kong, Yeong-woo Pil
Producers: Kang-hyeok Choi, Yun-hyeon Jang
Musicians: Dalpalan
Cinematographers: Hyeong-jing Seok
Editors: Na-young Nam

Production: Tartan Films
Language: English, Korean, French, Vietnamese
Country: South Korea

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