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  • DVD: Jan 28, 2003
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Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Cast Starring Jose Sanchez, Claudia Jurt, Olga Chrzanowska, Phil Caracas, Thetis Bernard

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Directed by Lee Demarbre

3,798 votes, 3.23 / 5 avg. rating (64% score)

Synopsis: Kung-Fu Action / Comedy / Horror / Musical about the second coming.

Tagline: The first testament says "an eye for an eye." - The second testament says "love thy neighbour." - The third testament ... Kicks Ass!!!

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Cast: Jose Sanchez, Claudia Jurt, Olga Chrzanowska, Phil Caracas, Thetis Bernard, Miles Finlayson, Eric Demarbre, Murielle Varhelyi, Adel Croteau, Marc Charron, Jason McMaster, Maria Moulton, Karen Friis, Karm Parker, Tim Devries, Marlene Friis, Sophie, Mark Pollesel, Ian Driscoll, Guen Douglas, Jay Stone, Petr Maur, Steve Sauve, Josh Grace, Sarah Levitin, Lyn Guerin, Casey Tourangeau, Tracy Lance, Eva Colpaart, Alana Ragbir
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Directors: Lee Demarbre
Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Genres: Horror, Action, Comedy, Musical
Year: 2001
Runtime: 85 / 1h 25min
MPAA Rating: R
Awards: 2
Producers: Lee Demarbre
Musicians: Graham Collins
Cinematographers: Lee Demarbre
Editors: Lee Demarbre

Production: Eclectic DVD Distribution
Language: English
Country: Canada

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