Helter Skelter (2004) Movie

Helter Skelter
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Starring Robert Joy, Clea DuVall, Chris Ellis, Mark Thompson
Directed by John Gray
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Synopsis: A new take on the Manson Family murders, with a keen focus on Charles Manson himself.

Tagline: Based on the true story of the Manson murders.

Cast: Robert Joy, Clea DuVall, Chris Ellis, Mark Thompson, Keith Szarabajka, Kirk B.R. Woller, Rick Gomez, Graham Beckel, Gwen McGee, Patrick Fabian, P.J. Byrne, Endre Hules, Allison Smith, Susie Castaneda, Robert Costanzo, Paul Kent, Kim Strauss, Ted Garcia, Susan Ruttan, Chad Morgan, Frank Zieger, Jeremy Davies, Marguerite Moreau, John Lacy, François Chau, Eric Dane, Kai Lennox, Jeffrey Johnson, Robert Pine, Chris Jacobs
Directors: John Gray
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Action, Crime
Year: 2004
Runtime: 180 /
Nominations: 5
Writers: Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry, John Gray
Producers: Vincent Bugliosi, Desiree J. Cadena, Robert S. Costanzo, Peter Miller, Mark Wolper
Musicians: Mark Snow
Cinematographers: Don E. FauntLeRoy
Editors: Scott Vickrey

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