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  • In Theaters: Dec 08, 2016
  • DVD: May 23, 2000
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The Abominable Snowman Cast Starring Peter Cushing, Anthony Chinn, Robert Brown, Arnold Marlé, Forrest Tucker

The Abominable Snowman Directed by Val Guest

2,975 votes, 2.71 / 5 avg. rating (54% score)

Synopsis: A kindly English botanist and a gruff American scientist lead an expedition to the Himalayas in search of the legendary Yeti.


The Abominable Snowman Cast: Peter Cushing, Anthony Chinn, Robert Brown, Arnold Marlé, Forrest Tucker, Maureen Connell, Richard Wattis, Michael Brill, Wolfe Morris, Jack Easton, Fred Johnson, Joe Powell, John Rae, Arnold MarlĂ©
The Abominable Snowman Directors: Val Guest
The Abominable Snowman Genres: Horror, Adventure
Year: 1957
Runtime: 91 / 1h 31min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Nigel Kneale, Val Guest
Producers: Aubrey Baring, Michael Carreras, Anthony Nelson Keys
Musicians: Humphrey Searle
Cinematographers: Arthur Grant
Editors: Bill Lenny

Production: 20th Century Fox
Language: English
Country: UK
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