I Will Follow You into the Darkness (2012) Movie


I Will Follow You into the Darkness
  • Release Dates
  • In Theaters: October 11, 2013
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Starring Mischa Barton, Willow Hale, John Rubinstein, Melinda Cohen
Directed by Mark Edwin Robinson
38 votes, 2.85 / 5 avg. rating (57% score)

Mark Edwin Robinson and Epic Pictures" I Will Follow You into the Darkness hits limited theaters this upcoming October 11, 2013. At first glance this looks like a typical romance movie but this film is all horror. Did I mention that the lovely Mischa Barton stars?

Sophia Monet is lost and apathetic after the recent death of her parents. She finds herself reeling in a state of cynicism and fear of the unknown until she meets the refreshingly charismatic Adam. He begins to ignite in Sophia a sense of purpose, giving meaning to her once empty life. Late one night, Sophia awakens to find Adam missing, the bed spattered with blood. Along with Adam’s roommate Astrid, and a couple friends, Sophia frantically searches the labyrinth of Adam’s dilapidated apartment high-rise building to find him. Sophia and the group soon find themselves up against unseen paranormal forces that will stop at nothing to keep Adam from being found. Sophia must confront her personal demons and take an extraordinary leap of faith in order to bring him back.


A woman reeling from the death of her parents becomes attached to an alluring man whose sudden disappearance sends her and her friends into a haunted high-rise to find him
Cast: Mischa Barton, Willow Hale, John Rubinstein, Melinda Cohen, Melinda Y. Cohen, Samantha Acampora, Richard Johnson, Leah Pipes, Jessee Foudray, Andy Chan, Ronnie Clark, Ward Edmondson, Kris Wheeler, Mary Ann Gilbert, Kenni Kinsey, Katie Kocis, Robert Towers, Ryan Malachy, Frank Ashmore, Noelle Marsh, Jaz Martin, Sexton Newby, Jim Tooey, Talon Reid, Carla Short, Tammy Klein, Zack Tiegen, Ryan Eggold, Rolonda Watts, Melinda Browne
Directors: Mark Edwin Robinson
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Alias: I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Year: 2012
Runtime: 112 /
Writers: Mark Edwin Robinson
Producers: Mark Darling, Christine Holder, Mark Holder, Matt Michael, David C. Robinson, Danny Roth, David Y. Suh, Damiano Tucci
Musicians: Jesse Voccia
Cinematographers: Eduardo Enrique Mayén

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