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Multiple Maniacs (1970) Movie Poster
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Multiple Maniacs Cast Starring Jack Walsh, Mink Stole, Margie Skidmore, Michael Renner Jr., Susan Walsh

Multiple Maniacs Directed by John Waters

2,168 votes, 2.8 / 5 avg. rating (56% score)

Synopsis: Lady Divine becomes enraged when her boyfriend cheats on her, and descends into a life of murder and mayhem.

Tagline: You won"t believe this one!

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Multiple Maniacs Cast: Jack Walsh, Mink Stole, Margie Skidmore, Michael Renner Jr., Susan Walsh, Cowboy Foulke, Gilbert McGill, George Figgs, Divine, Pat Moran, Alan Reese, Susan Lowe, Paul Landis, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mark Lazarus, David Lochary, Cookie Mueller, Harvey Freed, Edith Massey, Susie Nichols, Rick Morrow, Steve Waters, Howard Gruber, Julia Richardson, Paul Swift, William Kirby Cullen, Vincent Peranio, Jack Roberts, Jim Thompson, Mark Isherwood
Multiple Maniacs Directors: John Waters
Multiple Maniacs Genres: Horror, Comedy, Crime
Year: 1970
Runtime: 91 / 1h 31min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: John Waters
Musicians: George S. Clinton
Cinematographers: John Waters
Editors: John Waters

Box Office: $25,038
Production: Cinema Group
Language: English
Country: USA
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