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Eaten Alive Cast Starring Robert Englund, Marilyn Burns, Stuart Whitman, Kyle Richards, Janus Blythe

Eaten Alive Directed by Tobe Hooper

5,587 votes, 2.1 / 5 avg. rating (42% score)

Synopsis: A psychotic redneck who owns a dilapidated hotel in rural East Texas kills various people who upset him or his business, and he feeds their bodies to a large crocodile that he keeps as a pet in the swamp beside his hotel.

Tagline: He"s out there and he"s got murder on his mind!

Eaten Alive Cast: Robert Englund, Marilyn Burns, Stuart Whitman, Kyle Richards, Janus Blythe, Carolyn Jones, David Carson, Lincoln Kibbee, James Galanis, Tarja Leena Halinen, William Finley, Caren White, Valerie Lukecart, Jeanne Reichert, Mel Ferrer, Scuffy, Neville Brand, Crystin Sinclaire, Roberta Collins, Betty Cole, Sig Sakowicz, Ronald W. Davis, Christine Schneider, David Hayward
Eaten Alive Directors: Tobe Hooper
Eaten Alive Genres: Horror, Thriller
Year: 1976
Runtime: 91 / 1h 31min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Alvin L. Fast, Mohammed Rustam, Kim Henkel
Producers: Alvin L. Fast, Larry Huly, Robert A. Kanto, Mohammed Rustam, Samir Rustam
Musicians: Wayne Bell, Tobe Hooper
Cinematographers: Robert Caramico
Editors: Michael Brown

Production: Virgo International
Language: English
Country: USA

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