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Proxy Cast Starring Barry Brandon, Stephanie Jean Davis, Brandon Deyette, Anna Kohn, Brandon Majors

Proxy Directed by Brandon Deyette

16 votes, 2.84 / 5 avg. rating (56% score)

Zack Parker"s Proxy (2013) received a Best Motion Picture nomination at the Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival back in 2013 while picking up steam for the public release date. A twisted tale involving a pregnant woman and being around the wrong group of people. I generally do not like these types of movies but I am very interested to see where this horror movie goes with this theme. Proxy stars Joe Swanberg, Kristina Klebe and Alexa Havins.

Synopsis: While walking home from her latest OB appointment, a very pregnant Esther Woodhouse is brutally attacked and disfigured by a hooded assailant. This horrible event seems to be a blessing in disguise when Esther finds consolation in a support group. Her life of sadness and solitude is opened up to friendship, understanding, and even acceptance. However, friendship and understanding can be very dangerous things when accepted by the wrong people.

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Proxy Cast: Barry Brandon, Stephanie Jean Davis, Brandon Deyette, Anna Kohn, Brandon Majors, Bill Moylan, Sadako Pointer, Chase Phillips, Charlie Harding
Proxy Directors: Brandon Deyette
Proxy Genres: Drama
Year: 2015
Runtime: 76 / 1h 16min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Kyle Collins, Brandon Deyette, Edwin Scharlau
Musicians: Wedge
Cinematographers: Heather Key
Editors: Alexis Bosch

Language: English
Country: USA