Seizure (2016) Movie

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Starring Scott Worsfold, Aiste Gramantaite, Jimmy Allen, Lindsay Bennett
Directed by Jamie Cymbal, Ryan Simons
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Synopsis: A gangster who smuggles girls hides out with a young woman following a bungled human trafficking deal. He soon must decide how far his love for her will take him, as she unleashes her violent, supernatural curse on a cavalcade of other gangsters.

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Cast: Scott Worsfold, Aiste Gramantaite, Jimmy Allen, Lindsay Bennett, Chris Blackwood, Geraden Borthwick, Roxy Bugler, Kevin Curtain, Jamie Cymbal, Barrie English, David Galbraith, Paul Handford, Mark Robbins, Ryan Simons, Val Tagger
Directors: Jamie Cymbal, Ryan Simons
Genres: Horror
Year: 2016
Runtime: 86 /
Writers: Ryan Simons
Producers: Jamie Cymbal, Martin Cymbal, Simon Denton, Ryan Simons
Musicians: Ben Parsons, Jak Poore
Cinematographers: Coz Greenop
Editors: Jamie Cymbal, Ryan Simons

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