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Uncaged (2016) Movie Poster
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Uncaged Cast Starring Gene Jones, Miles Shannon, Ben Getz, Looch Gelfand, Kyle Kirkpatrick

Uncaged Directed by Daniel Robbins

1,366 votes, 2.2 / 5 avg. rating (44% score)

Synopsis: A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.

Tagline: Beware the beast within.

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Uncaged Cast: Gene Jones, Miles Shannon, Ben Getz, Looch Gelfand, Kyle Kirkpatrick, Abby Hart, Garrett Hendricks, Kelsey Hopkins, Zack Weiner, Ben Rapaport, Paulina Singer, Michael Gelfand, Michelle Cameron, Jozef Podolski, Yosef Podolski, Johnny M. Faulkner, Alex Emanuel, Angela Atwood, Brian Patrick Sullivan, Mark Rapaport, Michele Ammon, Benjamin Beretz, Adam Werth
Uncaged Directors: Daniel Robbins
Uncaged Genres: Horror, Thriller, Comedy
Year: 2016
Runtime: 95 / 1h 35min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Mark Rapaport, Daniel Robbins
Producers: Jonathan Alvarado, Yoni Frager, Looch Gelfand, Michael Gelfand, Ira Gewanter, J.D. Lifshitz, Raphael Margules, Mark Rapaport, Daniel Robbins, Adam Werth
Musicians: Brooke Blair, Will Blair
Cinematographers: Rasa Partin
Editors: Mike Mazzotta, Michael Puro

Language: English
Country: USA
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