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  • In Theaters: Jun 10, 2014
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Age of Tomorrow Cast Starring Robert Picardo, Matt Mercer, Kelly Hu, Patrick Lazzara, Shamar Sanders

Age of Tomorrow Directed by James Kondelik

2,109 votes, 1.7 / 5 avg. rating (34% score)

Synopsis: Mankind must fight to survive as Earth is invaded by hostile UFOs bent on destroying the planet. As the epic battle wages on, astronauts sneak aboard the mothership where they discover a portal to the aliens" home world.

Age of Tomorrow Cast: Robert Picardo, Matt Mercer, Kelly Hu, Patrick Lazzara, Shamar Sanders, Lauren Arps, Cynthia Dallas, Anthony Marks, Michael Lanford, Nick Stellate, Kye Kinder, Michael Hampton, Sarah Karjian, Lane Townsend, Matthew Langford, Morgan West, Mitchell Shawn, Mitchell Carpenter, Nicholas Alexander, Sarah Karijan, Joseph Price, Laura Alexandra Ramos, Jennifer Marshall, Taylor Coliee
Age of Tomorrow Directors: James Kondelik
Age of Tomorrow Genres: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action
Year: 2014
Runtime: 90 / 1h 30min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Jacob Cooney, Bill Hanstock
Producers: Paul Bales, David Michael Latt, Michael Meilander, Cody Peck, David Rimawi
Musicians: Christopher Cano
Cinematographers: Ben Demaree
Editors: James Kondelik

Production: The Asylum
Language: English
Country: USA