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The Caller Cast Starring Stephen Moyer, Lorna Raver, Rachelle Lefevre, Jon Bailey, Luis Guzmán

The Caller Directed by Matthew Parkhill

9,789 votes, 2.25 / 5 avg. rating (45% score)

Synopsis: A young divorcee is getting her life back together by moving into an apartment. But what will she do when a strange person repeatedly calls her, and threatens to change her new life around?

Tagline: Some calls are best left unanswered.

The Caller Cast: Stephen Moyer, Lorna Raver, Rachelle Lefevre, Jon Bailey, Luis Guzmán, Ed Quinn, Sunshine Logroño, Sunshine Logroño, Luis Guzmán, Lydia Echevarria, Gladys Rodríguez, Cordelia González, Abimael Linares, Wilfred Omar Perez, David Rittenhouse, Marisé Alvarez, Luillo Ruiz, Johnathan R. Santiago, Alfredo De Quesada, José Cotté, Leonardo Castro, Caesar Osiris, Aris Mejias, Jose Cotte, Ramiro 'Ramir' Delgado Ruiz, Marisé Alvarez, Guillermo Valedon, Gladys Rodríguez, Grace Connelly, Cordelia González
The Caller Directors: Matthew Parkhill
The Caller Genres: Thriller
Year: 2011
Runtime: 92 / 1h 32min
MPAA Rating: R
Producers: Robert Bevan, Amina Dasmal, Robin C. Fox, Phil Hunt, Cyril Megret, Compton Ross, Luillo Ruiz, Piers Tempest, Belly Torres, Carlos Aníbal Vázquez
Musicians: Pablo Clements, Aidan Lavelle, Unkle
Cinematographers: Alexander Melman
Editors: Gabriel Coss

Production: Bankside Films
Language: English
Country: UK, Puerto Rico