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  • DVD: Jul 10, 2012
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Humans vs Zombies Cast Starring Frederic Doss, David Blackwell, Dora Madison Burge, Dora Madison, Hannah Johnson

Humans vs Zombies Directed by Brian T. Jaynes

1,361 votes, 2.15 / 5 avg. rating (43% score)

Synopsis: Dark Comedy and Horror unite in this satirical thriller based on the "Live Action Role-Playing" game of the same name...

Tagline: The infection has begun.

Humans vs Zombies Cast: Frederic Doss, David Blackwell, Dora Madison Burge, Dora Madison, Hannah Johnson, Ali Faulkner, Nick Plantico, Melissa Carnell, Tom Young, Scott Sewell, Jana Hawley, David Harrod Jr., Dia Hardeman, Cristin Pumphrey, Chris Nolan, Rodney 'Doc' Burrow, Andrew Tobin, Derek Babb, Jessica Joy Purser, Jeff Vansice, Matthew Downs, Kolby Hogan, Samantha Wohlford, Chip Joslin, Jonah Priour, Seth Willieford, Natasha Wohlford, Rheagan Wallace, Sean Fallstick, Jessica Barrett
Humans vs Zombies Directors: Brian T. Jaynes
Humans vs Zombies Genres: Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Year: 2011
Runtime: 93 / 1h 33min
MPAA Rating: R
Writers: Brian T. Jaynes, Devan Sagliani
Producers: Niko Foster, Brian T. Jaynes, Bruce A. Kahn, Nicholas Leyva, Jennifer Minar, Christian Remde, Amy Soto
Musicians: Maigin Blank
Cinematographers: Fran├žois Frizat
Editors: Brian T. Jaynes, Justin Purser

Production: Hannover House
Language: English
Country: USA

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